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outonsafari 12-17-2017 04:46 PM

mold and vacuum, how to get started ?
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wrapping up the fiberglass end of a boat project and want to keep glassing so when the boat is together and running

i'd like to use these carbon fiber airplane seats (have 4 of them ) to make 2 molds.
the first would be a seat, the second a side by side stand up bolster, both would be cushion on one side only.

the seats back and bottom (sides) would come out similar to the example picture, but not as aggressive as to get in and out easier.
the center arm of the bolster would go to the dash to mount throttle and shifter, and would not have bottoms.
both would keep the hi back shape it has now.

obviously there's alot of cutting and fabbing but what the heck, might as well give it a shot.

next off would be to vacuum bag it, but wouldn't get the vacuum untill the molds were done, and then some
small bagging tests would have to be done. alot to learn, but i'm intrigued

only considering the vacuum because of a vacuum bag starter kit found online, and it's not cheap either.

bottom line i need a crash course about the type of material, (mold and part) how many layers, where and why, the more info the better.
any suggestions,

first pics are the shells i have pics 3 & 4 are example pics found on line

c_deezy 12-17-2017 08:19 PM

I did something similar a few years ago.

It was on a go-kart seat, I needed to make a smaller one. So I did a bag in a bag, and used resin infusion. I think it took 3 times, the second try came out ok but I did a third anyhow and it came out great. I used one pump, but had two separate vacuum valves. Once the first bag was drawn down I only had to occasionally crack the valve to check it was holding.

I vacuum bagged the original seat, kept it under vacuum and then did the layup on the outside of the first bag to build the new part. Then I drew down the second bag, worked the wrinkles, set up the infusion and let it rip.

I could have just bought a smaller seat, but I already had the supplies so I considered it a learning experience.

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