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Jsamp2130 11-26-2020 07:23 PM

272sr1 twin 350 worth modding?
Hi guys new here. I have an 89 272 SR1 with twin 350 mags/ alphas. I was wondering if many people bother doing mods to these. I know you can build a 350 cheap but is it worth it? So Iím looking for peoples setups with mph numbers to kind of see. Iíve heard about people changing the gearing as well. My boat does 59mph on a good day. Iíd love to see it in the 70mph range. Thanks any input appreciated

speicher lane 11-26-2020 08:36 PM

It's been long proven you will be farther ahead in money and reliability selling your boat and upgrading to a boat that is already running the mph you are after....IMHO, if you even think of boosting HP of the 350, you will kill the drives = Bravo upgrade.

You are looking at a viscous cycle that eats at the pocket book but your in good company!

distantthunder 11-27-2020 07:50 PM

Welcome to OSO and to the Formula family. As an avid Formula enthusiast, especially the classics, I would first evaluate the overall condition of the old bird. If you have enough interest in keeping up with the old bird and understand she will never be the fastest on the water then by all means mod away. I have a passion for seeing these old SR1ís pushed into newer technology and speeds as do others on this Forum.

If the rest of the boat is in great shape, I would definitely put some money into the power plants, within reason, especially if you purchased the boat at a reasonable price.

The 272SR1 is capable of upper 60ís fairly easily but the Alpha drives are definitely the weak point so being easy getting on plane and the sticks while underway will save you some headaches. They didnít last long behind the BBC engines so that is something to keep in mind. I believe the Alpha SS drives, although rare, were shorter and pushed the 272 into the 65 MPH range

Exhaust, heads, cam, and intake will probably get you into the mid-60s but Iíll let others chime in. Share some pictures of the new to you bird!

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