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Ft. Myers Poker Run. What "they" think of us.

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Default Re: Ft. Myers Poker Run. What "they" think of us.

Originally Posted by BAJABOAT
That would solve alot of problems like speed limits, noise laws why dont you guys just try to be the bigger person give them a little more space and try to be the courteous one maybe then we would not be looked at as bad as we are.

true, but you could idle through and then they would complain about that, fact is, in every group there is people who will complain about another group....

we have to share the water for our respective hobbies, and that means both sides have to compromise in order to get along....
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Default Re: Ft. Myers Poker Run. What "they" think of us.

I do my best to respect everyone on the water, fisherman, kyaker, family bowrider, even the blowboats.

I get rather annoyed when the fisherman anchor in the channel and here in Florida there are WAY TOO MANY PLACES you can't run out of the channel cause there ain't no friggin water. You west coast Florida guys know what I mean. If they are anchored in the channel I usually just go on past, if they are anchored out of the channel, but close, I will usually slow down for them then go back up on plane once past. If they are showing courtesy and respect I feel I should do the same.

Then there's the guys who are not only anchored in the channel but their lines are even further in the channel. That really pisses me off.

In the open Gulf is another story. If I see someone anchored I'll go around them by say 200 yards but that's about as far out of my way as I'll go.

Unless I see a nekkid good lookin babe on board then I'll offer "assistance".

Besides, Too Old said it best....
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