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How to afford the boat you want....

Old 05-25-2005, 08:00 PM
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Default Re: How to afford the boat you want....

I have a 1988 28' scarab excel, and have wondered the same thing. I have had to lay off the scarab this year and use my 17' Boston Whaler because of health issues/bills. I can honestly say the only thing I have missed this year is the cruising speed and rumble of the motor. I just generally love to be on the water, no matter what kind of boat. I think that is what is all about. The only thing I may have on the big boys is that when I show up at the boat ramp my boat/rig is spotless and I can handle the boat by myself (in my opinion) just as well as many people do with an army trying to launch there boat.

I guess maybe a question you should ask is - (not meaning this in a bad way at all) but do you really like boating that much or like watching what the "jones" have?

happy boating!!
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Default Re: How to afford the boat you want....

During 11 years of boating I went from a 16' pro craft (60 outboard), 31 chris craft stinger (2 x 225 outboards), 35 fountain lightning classic (2 x 500), to a 42 fountain lightning (2 x 575). I can say this, there is nothing like running a big and fast boat. But this year I traded my 42' for a 29' fountain with twin 350's (plus a check and trailer). Why? Its not because I couldnt afford it, it was because the money I spent during the season was not worth the enjoyment to me. Because the boat was so large I couldnt tow it or store it, that means $$$$. My insurance was going up this year by $700 to an even $7000, no claims and no tickets ever. I will never get out of boating but I need to figure what makes me happy and hopefully its a 29'.
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Default Re: How to afford the boat you want....

Originally Posted by pull my trigger
Couldnt have said it better myself

Ive had lots of guys come up to me and say...."WOW! you know someday Im going to own a Fountain......"

another guy who had a older single engine Checkmate came up to me and said "MAN!! a 29 Fountain......thats my ultimate boat!! ........"
Yup,same thing happens to me,people pull up to my baja in their bayliners and say,WOW,a OFFSHORE RACE BOAT!! Then they ask if i can go crashing thru the 5 footers at 80 mph with my giant 27ft boat But,1o years ago i thought the same way! Smitty
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Default Re: How to afford the boat you want....

I am dissapointed in alot of the answers to this post. The man asked how to afford a boat which is substantially more capable than the one he has. Most of the answers have been "be happy with what you have". Your first question was do you really have to be able to afford it? YES.... But after that...if you can't afford what you want this is no time to settle...this is what seperates the men from the boys. What do you need to do in your life to afford that boat? More successful in your business or job? Do it! A few years ago I sat on the beach and watched the Poker run boats go by. Now I run at the front(or close). You can have anything you want in life and don't let any under achieving ninny tell you different
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Default Re: How to afford the boat you want....

if it helps, know that even with a 51' outerlimits, to cowboys you still a city slicker, to the military you still but a civilian, etc.
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Default Re: How to afford the boat you want....

its like what most have said. someone will always have bigger and faster. the problem that i have is the ones with the bigger and faster boats with the attitude of they are bigger and faster. i was 21 when i bought my first boat (1990 four winns 21 liberator). i took it to the nyc poker run and all i wanterd was one of those outerlimits. i worked my butt off for 3 years to buy a new boat and truck to pull the boat. im 24 now and i just bought a 2002 25 baja outlaw and it was great to see the posts that i got from the members of this board with the cigs and fountains tell ME that i got a great boat. its the ones who think who they are and look down on the smaller boat owners are the ones who ruin things for me. so i say do what you got to do to buy the boat you want because you want it, not to keep up, the hell wiht the big shots who think there god. i would also like to thank the members who praised me on my boat.
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