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Opinions? Best boat line from 25-40'v for the money??

Old 12-26-2005, 01:19 PM
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Default Re: Opinions? Best boat line from 25-40'v for the money??

We all know Cigarette is built like a tank, yes you pay for the for name but it will handle any LOTO wave like a hot knife thru butter and look like a hot super model doing it! 30ft, 36ft, 38ft, 39ft, (42ft 45ft 46ft for those who dream big) you just cant go wrong with a Cigarette~
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Default Re: Opinions? Best boat line from 25-40'v for the money??

Lots of names being thrown around here. Some good, some bad. I think you probably know who is who.
A couple of points...
Sunsation is in fact a great boat with outstanding Factory service. If Raymonds ever lets that go, you would probably do well to jump on them.
I didn't realize that Broken Arrow had let go of the Checkmate line. These seem to be well built, no frills, solid boats for decent money. Might sell, might not. Might help if they updated the line.
Sonic was also offered through Broken Arrow Marine years ago. Seem to be a quality built boat, but people want speed and the Sonic seemed slow compared to the others.
Formula has been at Glen Cove for a long time and I don't see them going anywhere soon.
Velocity has been to quite a few dealerships over the years with limited success, (Very limited). The old pad just can't keep up with the new steps, they ride hard in the Ozarks slop n chop, and those in the know have heard too many horror stories of hull failures.
Profile has also been around the lake at various dealerships. Nice looking but the performance just doesn't seem to be there. Plus, they also have had issues with hull failures, many that have happened on the Ozarks, some of which I've seen myself. I too had heard there had been some changes of late, but Looking at them at last years show, well, they looked nice.
Powerquest seems to be a great boat line. Quality built and pretty good prices. Would have been a good choice for you. We'll see how Dave Munganast does with them.
I wish PowerPlay was still around or someone would buy the molds. They were beautiful boats that seemed a lot like the Active Thunders. They would crush through big water, very respectable speeds and were well built. If someone starts making these again, jump on them.
Active Thunder- If you know me, or have heard of me then you know how I feel about the Thunder Boats. Outstanding quality and very competitive prices. These boat can handle the Ozarks washing machine with no problem and they scream! Pat seems to have a Little trouble with finish dates, but If you can get him to build them as fast as you can sell them you'll be OK.

West Coast boats have been mentioned a few times. I think there are some great prospects here but question the ride on some and quality on others. It seems that some of the West Coast hot rods are somewhat flat/shallow V which could make for some rough rides. Plus folks around here also seem to like big and deep with a lot of freeboard. On the other hand, some are pretty fast with affordable power, and can handle somewhat big water. Plus, Let's face it, the West Coast builders can crank out some of the most beautiful gelwork in the world, and to some it's all about the flash and looking good at the cove.
Eliminator has been around a few dealers over the years on the lake. Look beautiful but they just don't seem to sell here. Not sure why.
Howard boats look beautiful, seem to be well built and they SCREAM! I would look into this line as a potential, but check how they handle the rough water of the Ozarks.
Kachina is another one that I would look at close and hard as a potential candidate. They look beautiful and seem to have the hull design for high end performance. Don't know much about their quality, but hear it is up there.
LaveyCraft makes a beautiful boat, nice hull design, well built and could make a great Ozarks boat. I've raced against a few of these over the last few years in open cockpit and SuperVee Lite trim. They're fast and can take a beating. Worth a good close look.
Nordic is a beautiful looking boat with great lines and workmanship. I don't think they are the speed rockets that some of the others are but might sell good here.
Hallett seems to have a nice boat for the money that could fit the bill for the Ozarks water. Haven't been around any for a good look so maybe some of the others could help with their quality, performance and price.
DCB makes a beautiful boat that seems to run good with affordable power, seems well built with a decent ride. I have a friend at Lake Perry with a 29 with sick power capable of over 100mph.
I'm sure I am forgetting some that are worth a mention. Some of the good quality boats like Formula are already at solid dealers. Some, (like Sunsation) I would like to see go to other dealers. Good luck on your research.
Shopping for a boat is fun, I imagine shopping for a full boat line is a blast !!!
Let me know if I can help.

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Default Re: Opinions? Best boat line from 25-40'v for the money??

In the late 80's early 90's i remember Super Hawaii being at LOTO! Whatever happend to them LOL~
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