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Scarab3DMC 09-13-2005 05:30 PM

One of those days..I'M DONE
Missed a great poker run on Saturday... sorry bro's :mad: ..But still went out.. we got on the boat.. things didn't start well... I always shut my batterys off.. well I switched them on and started the engines .. fine... pulled away.. the wife tells me the stereo dosn't GPS dosen't work.. 1/2 gauges don't work...WTF???... OK found the battery switch didn't make all the way... fixed... once underway... I try to set the trim...ARGH..!!! PORT trim motor smoked..(I was gonna rebuild them over winter).... so I run to a spot for some"playtime"... start up to leave.. shift into forward swing to pull the anchor.. back up and forward again... drive still in reverse...WTF...!!! :( SHIFT CABLE BROKE.!!)... SO LAST MY PROB.. IS TO YANK THE MOTORS AND SERVICE AND SEAL MY TRANNIES... they blow fluid out the vents.. Ive heard that its caused by plugged internal screens... so I have the first ''WINTER PROJECT"... now wheres TRICK MARINES PHONE #....... :eek: :cool: :( .. then the kicker... the poker run I missed... A FRIEND WON THE POT!!!!!! MOT***R F**KER... $4K..... :mad: :mad:

f311fr1 09-13-2005 05:32 PM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
Sh!t happens. Just another day of fun boating. Joe Murray

gotime34 09-13-2005 05:37 PM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
Story of my life!!!

Dean Ferry 09-13-2005 05:44 PM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
Sorry to hear it was such a bad day of boating. :( Time to start early on that winter project.
We went boating on Saturday and took my daughter and her friend tubing behind the Nordic for ~ 20 miles!! :D
Man, were they sore the next day or what! :D Our REAL boating season is just starting here in Fl. Just need to keep an eye on the old "canes"

tomtbone1993 09-13-2005 05:46 PM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
i know how you feel my summer ended July 4th :mad: :mad:

Scarab3DMC 09-14-2005 06:39 AM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
undefined anyone have a good bildge paint??

Formula Outlaw 09-14-2005 07:11 AM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
When my outdrive stuck in reverse, it was the beginning of a 15 month exercise in futility and expense.

Heath 09-14-2005 04:05 PM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
BTW it's 866-921-4553 :)

Scarab3DMC 09-14-2005 04:36 PM

Re: One of those days..I'M DONE
Thanks Heath... you know where I get my parts from.... we'll be talkin...Dave

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