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KingDonzi 10-02-2005 01:20 AM

KPM pumps warranty, your going to need it!
There is another thread on OSO about KPM pumps, posted by the owner of the company. He is bragging about his warrany. Well, YOUR GOING TO NEED IT!! I'm posting this thread because I'm sure he is going to delete his after I exposed huge problems many people are having with right now!

Jules, We have never met, but I just want to say, I think you have some pair of [email protected], coming here, especially now, tooting your horn about your warranties on your pumps when you know for a fact, there are critical issues with them right now!!! You don't mention anywhere the your pumps are literally falling apart. That the shaft and the mandrel that hold the pulley are both Aluminum that is held by a couple of tiny set screws. You didn't mention how the torque from a big HP motor strips the shaft and the pulley falls off in the bilge.Or how the mandrels aren't milled perfectly round so they wobble and cause the set screws to round out the set screw hole in the shaft until they melt the aluminum shaft. You also didn't mention how one well know member has been having problems with these pumps. How he has already had 5 pumps fail, one which failed, was sent back to you, you denied knowing of any problems, you sent the pump back saying it was rebuilt only to have it spinning the pulley, 10 minutes into a poker run causing tour customer to overheat his brand new $60,000 engine. You also didn't mention that Gary Teague, Extreme Marine, Sterling, Cobra Power plus several others have had these problems. How Bob Teague tried the pumps and sent them back to you. Your also bragging about the run dry factor. Which basically is due to the fact the impeller isn't offset like the ones in the Mercury and Eickert pumps so they don't have the same friction OR the SAME VOLUME OR PRESSURE as the other pumps and they take twice as long to prime the system, getting the motor much hotter then the other pumps you tested and "know them better then their own manufactures do". I know all of this for a fact! I was working in the shop were the boat was that had 5 pump failures. You kept assuring your customer every time you sent him a new pump, the problem was fixed. You caused that poor guy more headaches then anyone should ever had. He had both of his $60,000 motors overheat multiple times, which was the reason his engine builder voided his warranties with less the 15 hours on BRAND NEW, gorgeous motors. This week he just had Eickert pumps put on his motor. The pumps caused him to break down on the Sarasota run, the fort Myers run, The Hawks Kay run AND The Destin run.
Jules, the last thing you should be doing is bragging about your garbage pumps.You are full of S**T! I tried to take pictures of the pumps to post the photos of the destroyed shafts but the owner of the boat wouldn't let me out of respect for someone else. The reason I'm posting this, I don't want this to happen to anyone else AND when the problem first happened, you blamed my brother that installed one of the pumps as well as the shop he works for. Anyone that wants to know the real story on these pieces of crap, Call Gary Teague. Sterling had to modify every single pump so these pulley wouldn't sheer of the shafts. YOU KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM with both the old design AND the NEW 3 set screw and small key-way design.
P.S. You also didn't mention how the same poor customer, bought your Bellhousings which were not only drilled with the wrong size holes, the trans cooler cores don't fit in them and how they have cracks in the casting causing water to go inside the bell housing, rusting the input shaft on the tranny and ruing the seal causing the fluid to run out of the transmission buring up a brand new Bam transmission. Then, even after admitting you know about these problems, you never helped YOUR customer a bit. He had to by a new tranny with NO help from you. Anyone can call Bam to Verify. You blamed Sterling for sending you a modified belhousing which you copied rather then a stock one, that's why the coolers don't fit. That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!
Be honest with these people JULES!
I only wish I could get the owner of the boat to post on this. He is very well known here. YOU cost him thousands of dollars in repairs, down time and wasted Poker run trips and you have done NOTHING but lie to him! SHAME ON YOU!

Outdrive1 10-02-2005 01:16 PM

Re: KPM pumps warranty, your going to need it!
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

KingDonzi 10-02-2005 04:07 PM

Re: KPM pumps warranty, your going to need it!
I guess timing is everything! Check out the CP post in the Q&A section. After reading their post, I now see the owner of KPM, Jules lied his a$$ to the guy that had all the problems. I know these pumps cost him quite a bit of money in damage and labor charges. I smell a law suite!!!

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