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Boat speeds & "newspeed"

Old 01-17-2002, 10:46 AM
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Location: Peoria, AZ, USA
My Boats: 1997 22' Advantage Sport Cat
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Current speed mark, 114.5 mph on gps.

Winter projects, oil temp thermostat, maybe play with some labbed props or a bigger prop and some misc little stuff

newspeed, 30+ cat so I can run 100+ in more then ideal conditions and be safer

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Old 01-17-2002, 10:52 AM
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Current absolute best speeds alone, low on fuel, and really cold out was 67. I'm hoping that with a little prop tuning/swapping and raising the x-dimension I could touch on 70 under the same conditions. However, my next boat would be something with twins and in the 29'-33' range. I'll be happy with anything in the high-70's
(At least that's what I say now)
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Old 01-17-2002, 11:04 AM
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My Boats: 2017 30 Concept, 300 Verados
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Current top speed 75.3 GPS with a stock 454 mag (385 hp). No mods planned until the warranty expires. After that, I'd like around 500 hp. That would probably put into the 80's. The hull is a 24' Superboat.

Dave M.
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Old 01-17-2002, 12:01 PM
Uncle Toys
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84mph during the third hour with the boat. Three guys on board, third of a tank, 55 degrees, water like glass, 25" Mirages (all over the rev limiters), on hand-held GPS. Then we switched to 26" Bravos, could only pull 81mph and 4,700rpm. Eliminator currently has boat, they wanted to do a minor mod to the hull. They believe it will pick up a couple of mph. Then we will try it with 27" Mirages. Should get close to 90 (please, please, please).

newspeed? Uncle Toys II will either be a 30' Eliminator or a 32" Skater with something unique under the hatch. Hint - Uncle Toys I is an R&D project. This is subject to a couple of things: DougieFresh doesn't get me going on Vees in the ocean, my wife doesn't learn how to read OSO. Shhhh!

Cattitude - Your going to be french kissing 95 Newspeed 28' DaytonaLP with 6.2's? Now that's an idea Forget the "reality check", reality aint what got us to this point. Any finally - what's PII syndrome?
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Old 01-17-2002, 01:12 PM
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1998 32’ Fountain Fever Procharged 502 mags, 1.36 ratio, 28” props. Last season 92.6 GPS. Looking for that extra 7.4 next season.
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Old 01-17-2002, 01:27 PM
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24 Skater Twin 225 ProMax's...Runs mid to high 90's. Planning on doing some minor re-rigging come March. New Steering lines, and new bezels on transom and few tiny other things.

252 Formula 454 MPI...Runs 62. no upgrades.

Newspeed: 32 Skater 500 EFI's and #6's.

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Old 01-17-2002, 02:18 PM
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My Boats: 1989 18.5 ft XLT powerplay
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the baja 22', seen 77.2 on gps. this winter the motor just gets bearings and a oil pump...

The powerplay 18.5 ft at 3000 lbs, seen 58.3 on gps, with a tuckered out 350 chevy 270 hp.. it gets a new 383 with all the goodies for around 400 hp.. don't know about any speed gains.. maybe 1-2
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Old 01-17-2002, 03:02 PM
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My Boats: 1993 Sonic 31ss
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The Sonic with the 330's on steroids runs 74mph on Gps....would love to run 80....maybe a stroker crank next time around gets me to around 500ci and some head work from JimV should get me to get it with shorter drives but have'nt found any good feed back on them yet,at least not in a twin engine V-hull anyone want to fill me in.....
If your boat has a sail do you ride a horse to the ramp?
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Old 01-17-2002, 03:15 PM
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My old 26' Mirage has seen 75, but was revving to 5700rpms. I put on a 27" mirage (cupped) prop but have not driven faster than 65. I don't want to break anything.

I'm considering switching to a twin jet setup (nothing to break), if the testing proves proves what the designer is hopeing for. He is looking for performance similar to a prop. No more speed, just simpler.
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Old 01-17-2002, 03:19 PM
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UT- for PII see the tech Q&A thread- Pointless Incremental Improvements or something like that.
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