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Scarab, you could easily put Reggie in the game. Hell that would be half of the entertainment value. You could pick your teams and such like playing one of the NHL hockey games. Gran Turismo is a great example of excellent game physics.
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they don't make to many boat games because any bonehead can drive a car... only us unique people can drive a boat

bring on the boats but i have the first playstation
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Dreamcast has a "boat racing" game called hydro-thunder, but it is far from offshore racing. I agree, we need a true offshore racing game for one of the new toys, either XBOX or PS2. I would buy the system that supports the software.
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Count me in!! If they make one, I want one!
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Ok I'm gonna jump off the deep end again,(per U) and all too technical again on how I think they should do it. I have an x-box and I don't really think it's got the realism I like even though it's pretty cool, and fun. All day I deal with 3D modeled parts, simulated testing of impact forces, thermal testing, heat transfer, ect... Now IF they wanted to do it RIGHT, they could fully scan with a laser, like we do here at my job, the exact contours of a boat hull to make exact replica's of any hull they chose to scan, then get the weight, and ditribute it properly throughout the hull, basicly make a model of a boat with proper weight density for proper handling. Now the x-box is interactive, but I don't know the extent of how much. This could come down to a microsoft web site that keeps downloadable database of what hull you want, what hp motors, drives with thier drag calculated and setable drive hieght, gear ratios, prop selection, again all with proper weight and size proportions, basicly pick a hull, motor(s), drive, prop, and then selectable paint schemes, from some popular race teams, or even corporate sponsors that could help contribute to pay for all of this technology, which is already out there, just never been done on this scale. Then download it into your x-box, which you can add & remove stuff from. This is all step one. Fun to do for boat race fans like us. Step two, Now pick a race site you want, whereever it may be, but with microsoft compiling data on depth, bottom contours, wind direction, and it's all possible to calculate and simulate realistic water conditions, and changeable setable wind direction and speed, as well as the wake a boat throws from it when raceing for passing and so on. Step three is to put the exact 3-d modeled boat into the simulated water model with the surface only needed to be 3-d, with a density below the surface to set buoyancy and speed loss from trim, ect... Then the boat, its weight, horsepower, prop selection, drive hieght, how the bottom design works would be part of this equasion. then speed wave condition, other boats wakes, ect. I look at the x-box and how it resembles a simulator now, like on amped the snowboard game, the mountian is a 3-d model, given in my opinion it's an incomplete model, with programs wrote to bypass it's inadequacies, but none the less a primitive 3-d model, then interactive thru phone lines like is already available to do, run races thru the game against anyone anywhere on the planet with an internet connection. they could do this already, but computer's arent there yet the games would not run an any realistic speeds to be fun, but this is where it's going, and it will happen in time, I have the privelage of watching simulations dealing with automotive stuff, and to see this stuff become available to the public in a mass market would really be cool, and great for the sport as well, cuz all of us know boat racing is the craziest, funest things you can do. I'd definitely buy something like this, How bout' you??
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