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New Life Jacket Law In Maryland

Old 04-04-2006, 03:37 PM
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Default Re: New Life Jacket Law In Maryland

I had to wear a lifejacket when i was a kid. It wasn't the law, but it was a rule.
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Old 04-05-2006, 02:24 AM
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Default Re: New Life Jacket Law In Maryland

Originally Posted by sleeper_dave
It's definitely a good idea to have the kid in a life jacket, but new laws suck, period.

Back in the day kids lived in houses with lead paint, rode bicycles without helmets, went and played near ponds and lakes without supervision, played with mercury in school, and rode in cars that didn't even have seatbelts. Most of them survived.

Now you're an unfit parent if you spank your kids. I think we've gone a little overboard...

"Back in the day" people just didn't know any better. The media coverage wasn't there. Most survived, some didn't. I was at a daycamp when I was 12 years old. 2 kids in my group drowned in a pond. One couldn't swim & the other tried to save him.
I definately agree that parents should be more responsible. Laws have a purpose and part of that is to educate the public. If nobody ever did anything wrong, then we wouldn't need any laws.

As far as being an unfit parent if you spank your kids, thats BS and a false image created by the media. There is a big difference between discipline and abuse.
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Default Re: New Life Jacket Law In Maryland

While I agree that governments continue to pass way too many new laws, I would have to say I agree with this one provided there was not already a life jacket rule for the kids. However, from the way I read it, it is stipulating a new and improved type of kids only jacket ("The flotation devices will have a different design including a crotch strap, high collar and web handle"). My kids always have to wear a life vest as well, but I would not like the idea of being told I had to throw them out and replace them with a new and improved (usually means more expensive) type. That said, if it is considerably better, I would consider it for my youngest, but I would still keep his other two for spares for guests.
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Default Re: New Life Jacket Law In Maryland

Indiana has had a law stating, everyone under the adge of 12 must have a life jacket on if a boat is underway, or it's a big fine. I agree that there are to many laws, but this one I can live with.
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