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BryanTuvell 01-19-2002 06:09 AM

PAGING TROUTLY need advice please
Hey Mr Troutly, I think your a trooper and I have a question, the wife just called and she was following a friend on a roadtrip, cop pulls the friend over, so she pulls over too.... He puts the friend in his car, then walks up to my wife and says, your getting a ticket too!!!!!!!
He says, lady if you had not stopped you would not be getting a ticket! She had her cruise on 65 in a 55, friend was radared at 69...
Keep in mind, my wife is a professional in health care with two kids in the car on her way to florida from VA (new car). The friends Husband has long hair (older car), sounds like profiling to me!!!!
Granted she was breaking the law, I am curious on the legalities, I am not whining over the $84, small change to us, I am very curious to the legality of this...

UPDATE, she just called back, said she played his bluff and he said "your right, I can only radar one car at a time" SO you are getting a ticket for FAILING TO OBEY HIGHWAY SIGNS! "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT."
And by god I will bethere, dress blues and momma in her scrubs, now I am fighting principle and not a $30 ticket!

ALSO Troutly, your email address is blocked! You in trouble with the board?


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hp500efi 01-19-2002 06:26 AM

Sounds like the "officer" was having a bad day. :( . Troutly would never do something like that :) (or would he :p) but I'll let him tell ya that :D.

I am surprised that the officer did not make your wife move on down the road and wait because they usually do not like a second personal vehicle at the scene. It increases the risk of some loonies out to get someone.

I have heard many stories like this where more than one car is travelling together to their destination when one of the many is pulled over. Usually the one gets the ticket and they roll on....

BryanTuvell 01-19-2002 06:37 AM

HP 500EFI, yeah he was having a bad day, he wouldn't tell her what sign she did not obey!
Go figure...
I will see his badge in court and pay cash if needed, but if he thinks, Oh she will never show, he is dead wrong!
The laws we have are a good thing, and I appreciate all that law enforcement does, but dick heads are not needed....

Good call on the move on down the road, but most cops propably are not threatened by a hot woman in a fast new luxury car and two kids... maybe he just wanted her phone number!
BUT, I'll answer!
Hey Dick Head wwwaaaazzzz uuuuupppp???

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supercrash 01-19-2002 10:21 AM

Troutly...You forgot to tell him to forget about it...You will lose anyway...It would just sound more credible coming from you.
Remember...TIME IS MONEY

BryanTuvell 01-19-2002 10:21 AM

Troutly, thank you for your response, I see your point, he was doing 69 and she wasn't there for he put him in the car. he does look like a hippie! LOL
It was on State route 58, 2 lane on each side of the highway. He admitted he did not clock her after I told her to tell him that (she) wanted to see the read out etc and how he got two at once, that is when he threw the sign gig at her....

Who knows, like I said I respect all law enforcement but do confess to speeding! This was the ideal time to tell her I got a ticket dragging the old boat up tp PA for trade in! LOL I just mailed a check and never told her! :)

It does piss me off that she ask what sign and he gave no answer, she is 39 years old and that is only her second time ever being stopped, she was nervous that is why the phone was on so I could hear and advise...

Should I not waste a day to go try to beat the $30 ticket? Is he bullet proof in this or should I go, what is your opinion? She was very polite and did exactly as he ask.
Thanks Mr. Troutly.

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BryanTuvell 01-19-2002 11:24 AM

TROUTLY, I just called Nancy, verbage is "failure to obey posted highway sign."
She ask him twice what sign and he continue to give the spill about signing, she ask a third time and he had already gotten the metal clipboard box thingy back and walked away.

Now hearing the particulars from my daughter and wife, we will appear most likely.
Again, thank you for responding and giving fair an unobjectionable answers. I appreciate your candor.
Be safe out there yourself.
If your ever in Va and would like a tour of one the USS RONALD REAGAN or another class ship let me know. I am your Navy hook up. And trust me, it will be a first class tour of one of the finest tax payer investments ever!

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hp500efi 01-19-2002 11:42 AM


Pay the $ 30.00 and move on. Even the $ 84 is not worth the hassle. I am like you ...a man of principal, but there comes a time when ya bite your tongue and pay.

Years ago I was out on Lk Michigan (in the breakwater) with my folks and some other friends all in under 20' boats. That day it was very windy and inside the breakwater there were whitecaps and in order to navigate to the launch, you needed to speed up to maintain direction and as a result it caused your boat to make some wake. You guess'd it, area we were boating in was "slow no wake" and you guess'd again, at the launch was a "smart ass cop" (no offense Troutly :) ) and he could hardly wait for all us to make it to the launch.

He immediately got on his soap box and *****ed us all out and started writing tickets.

Of course the four Dad's that were piloting the boats could not believe this mans character and an argument started. The cop radioed "211" or something like that and within minutes a big brute of a policeman showed up with the patty wagon. The brute ask's the cop who needs to go downtown. The cop said "these four", the brute started laughing and said "these four?", what did they do?. Finally everyone calmed down and ultimately all the Dad's got tickets for excessive speed/wake. Cop told the Dad's the same thing, "Don't like it, take it to the Judge".

Court date came and my Dad told the family, "come on guys, lets go down and see what the judge says". We did and the judge heard one minute of what my Dad said and threw out the case. The Judge never knew there were speed limits on the water :eek:

Who did we run into on the way out of the court, yep, the cop. He asked my Dad what the outcome was and my Dad said "as we suspected, the Judge threw the case out", cop responded, "yeah, I knew he would, but look at the inconvienence I caused you", my Dad responded, "the only inconvienence you caused me was that I missed my daily golf game" and we all left.

It is a real shame that there are law enforcement guys out there that are like this.

I know most of all the local Sheriff deputies in my town since I have a local business and I must say they are all a class act.

Be glad she didn't have a beer or two at the restaurant :eek: :eek:


BryanTuvell 01-19-2002 11:49 AM

Jeff, you might be right, we'll see, after I spin down from the little heartache I have I might just pay...
But folks who just turn their head don't help the system....
I will think about it and likely do whatever the wife wants to do, you don't know her but I will tell ya she is a bit hot over this.

Just aggravated and with momma gone spending way to much time on line!
Thanks.... off to West Marine! Now that sounds fun..
Lastly, my wife don't drink... that is my job, I do it well...
Great story.

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hp500efi 01-19-2002 12:55 PM

Scott, LMFAO :D

Yep sounds like him !

Gotta Run --- noon time works over LOL

fermin 01-19-2002 01:58 PM

Gotta love this board! Everyone knows someone.

By the way my girl has a problem with here vibrator, performance isn't what it use to be. Anyone have a quick fix?

Just kidding!

:cool: Too Kool :cool:

joey :D

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