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Best used 27 footer

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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Originally Posted by ActiveFun
Well if you are looking for a real 27 footer, Fountain, Donzi, and Baja are the wrong place, unless you want a mass-produced, production-line type boat like a Checkmate, Baja, Bucyrus, Ohio built boat. You need to look for a 27 Activator, Kryptonite, or Superboat, for the real thing. I know it's a coincidence that all the boats are built in Long Island, but thats where the real 22-30's are made!
Just my $.02
AMEN!!!!! SOoooo true!!
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

I just love how people slam Baja as crap. If it was such crap why do so many people buy them.

I don't see anymore people complain about build on Baja then what I do on other boats. With the amount of boats Baja builds you would think you would see alot more people complain. I do find it intresting how loud people will compalin when there very expensive custom boat has build problems.

That being said. If I am looking at a new boat, and I am spending my money I am not going to go by what someone on the internet told me is good. I am going to go out and look at boats that fall into my size and price range. If it's used the problems will already be known before you get it, so that wont be an issue.

If speed is your thing and comfort is not. Then any of these narrow and short custom boats will be your ticket. They are built light to go fast, and thats great as that is what they were built for. Unless you are doing most of your boating in small lakes I would get a 24 degree deadrise hull. Anything less just beats you up, it's not worth the extra speed you may gain.

This is just my opinion. Your spending the money, find the boat you like, not what someone else says is cool or is the hot name.

But what do I know, I have owned 3 boats all of them have been a Baja.
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Good thread, I am in the same situation it's never too early to begin the buying /research process. I enjoy researching for a future purchase so much so that after I make the purchase I am a little disappointed that the research is over. All that's left is the payments.

Good luck
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Depends on where you're boating. If you're on an inland smaller lake, there is no way you should even look at the older Panteras, Cigarettes, or Sonics to name a couple. These boats are extremely well built, but heavy, and slow. My 259 Checkmate will burn about half the fuel, and run a good 10 +/- mph faster with similar power. On the other hand, when I moved to CT where I am running on rough water in the Sound, I literally put the Checkmate up in storage because it wasn't worth beating it and myself up. This is the water that the Panteras and Cigarettes will eat up and run through with a smooth ride and not beat you to death in. If you're on a lake, where you're not dealing with major chop, a Baja or Checkmate would be perfect. Plus, for the money, you'll have a much newer boat with newer power, and more space. My $.02.

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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

If your going to be out tomorow I'll give you a ride on my Activator( first hand research) I'll be @ Lloyds around 2:00 or so. Hope all is good.

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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Thanks for the offer B.J. !!!

If all goes well I'll see you there!


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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Thanks for all the insight everyone!

I do the majority of my boating on Georgian Bay in the great lakes, which is as "offshore" as it gets without an ocean, so I'm sure I'll be leaning towards a deep V. I didn't think about the surplus issue with the big manufacturers...but it makes sense, however could it also be because they churn out so many more boats/year than the others?

for power options (gas $ aside), is a single the way to go still? or will a milder set of twins give me the same performance? assuming the boat is 10yo or less, are there engines to look out for?

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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Aim for a 32 Active Thunder or a 31 Sonic. If necessary, keep the 22 footer for an extra season.

You will be glad you did. Its a tough decision to make, but well worth it IMHO. I skipped the 31/32 stage and went from 26 Sonic to a 37 Active Thunder. A good friend kept his 29 Fountain an extra bit longer, and went to a 42 Sonic. Its worth the effort and patience to skip a size range.

You will be VERY surprised how big and well a 32/31 as described by name above will perform, and you will be able to stay in that boat longer, and not eat so much interest.
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

28 Pantera with a blown 582 ENOUGH said

jr mike
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Originally Posted by flash32118
Some things I would consider....why is it all these **** pail baja's,velocitys,and even fountains are in surplus supply....and maybe one or two activators are for sale?I think it may be due to the fact activator owners are very happy with their boats....and the rest of these guys bought junk and want out of that bad buying decision.....
Like I said, ankle biting in full force.

Yea, thats why Baja is a billion dollar business with the largest market share in the offshore category, because they build junk with constant recalls and class action lawsuits.

Come on guys, get your head out of your A$$.

This is the standard Bayliner argument (which I know, I had one). Funny, I knew what I was getting with the Bayliner and had a blast with it. And as with my Baja, I knew what I was getting and love it as well. I think some poeple have to justify their purchase to make them feel better, I guess.

Yeah, go hunt down 1 of 2 Activators available in the country, and cross your fingers

Sounds very productive to me for a someone getting into the offshore category.


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