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HELP!!! Dealer blew my motor!

Old 06-19-2006, 11:47 AM
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Default Re: HELP!!! Dealer blew my motor!

I went threw the some thing about 5 years ago. a dealer blew up my outboard motor. I finally got the attorney genral's office involved and they made the dealer buy the engine from me at book value.
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Old 06-19-2006, 12:08 PM
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Default Re: HELP!!! Dealer blew my motor!

There many unanswered questions here.

First, just because the boat was dirty and the tech's you spoke with seem incompetent, doesn't mean that someone abused your engine enough to cause it to "blow-up". I'm not taking sides, just talking about reality.

Second, milky oil doesn't mean the engine is toast. It needs to be torn down by a professional and see what is really going on inside.

Third, 5 hours for 2 or possibly 3 demos is all that high. It depends where the boat is sun. Is it a 30 min idle to open water? Did the tech let it "warm-up" at the dock or let it run to charge the batteries up a little before the run? did they run it the day before the demo to make sure it was OK? Just a few thoughts..................

Last. If the dealer/broker was not "negligent", he can't be held responsible for a mechanical failure when he was demo'ing the boat. Not opinion - the law.

Get all the facts straight before doing anything. Don't threaten to sue, etc. That is the best way to get someone to shut the door and see how much it costs to actually sue them. Sometimes it's a lose/lose.

Best of luck. My $.02
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Default Re: HELP!!! Dealer blew my motor!

Originally Posted by EdNewman
I need some advise if anyone has been through anything like this before. I listed my boat for sale with a dealer and left it with them over the winter. The boat is a 2003 with 525EFIs and only 70 hours on it. There were a few people interested and they demo'd the boat at least once, but it did not sell. Summer is hear so I asked them to prep it and I would pick it up for Memorial day. Things got busy at work so I teld them don't rush, just have it ready for the NYC poker run. They called me earlier this week and said they were having some problems with it. One of the engines was stalling and the alarm was going off. They asked me if I could help them troubleshoot it over the phone!?!? They are a Merc dealer so I told them to call Merc. I went to pick the boat up on Friday and found that they had not done a damn thing. The boat was disgusting dirty and had stains on the bottom like it had been left in the water for a week! It was after hours but one of the mechanics was there and he told me they could not figrue out the alarm, but it was fine to use and then he took off like a bat out of hell. I went to hook up the trailer and found the truck plug had been broken off. Not feeling comfortable at all, I looked at the engines. The oil cap would not come off the first one (strange) so I checked the second. The second engine looked fine, but the oil had not been changed as I had asked them to do so I went back to the first. I pulled hard and the cap came off and the oil was white mush!!! As my friend there said, the problem with the engine was obvious to a duck. Its blown, probably the head gasket. I left the boat and went home to drink myself silly. What do I do now? I have not spoken to them yet. There are about 5 hours of runtime on the boat since I left it with them in the fall and it was immaculate and running flawlessly at the time. Has anyone had an experience like this? The repairs will likely run $20-25k for a new longblock. I don't trust them to repair it and the boat will be worth less with a replacement motor than two sealed engines. HELP!!!
Ask them who try to boat (which customer , name and phone number ) and call that customer , he may have the story of what happens !
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Default Re: HELP!!! Dealer blew my motor!

Reasons like this is why I would never have a dealer try and sell my boat. Too much stuf can go wrong already and then throw a "not responsible" party in there?? I actually htink it froze and they ran it anyway. 525 stock w/ only 70 hours should n't blow up. Sorry for the crap you are going to go through.

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