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LubeJobs42 07-02-2006 06:55 AM

My boating days may be over.
Yesterday I was putting my boat in the water to use over the 4 day weekend. I had just tied the bow line, walked to the stern, as i went to put the stern line on My defribulator went off. I never in my life felt anything like that. I thought I put my hand on an exposed power line. I'm not sure how but I ended up standing on the dock with the rope on my hand. All of a sudden it went off again. I always wondered how it felt when the guys on Cops get tazered. I can't even imagine since that is much worse then this. I lost control of every muscle in my body. Today every joint is acheing.
I had a few guys tie up the boat while I waited for the EMS to get there. When they got there and started checking me out and asking questions, they all asked the same thing, should you be doing this type of boating with a defributlator. I told them the doctor said it was fine. After about 20 minutes in the ambulance, my heart surgeon answered our page. After going over all the heart readings with the EMS he said i could go home if I want but be in his office Monday morning. If it goes off again, go to the Emergency room and call him. He also said it may be time to get a new hobby, we'll talk about it on Monday.
I think I will go out of my mind if I'm going to have to give it up. Like most of you guys, I don't thing 1 hour goes by a day that I am not doing something or at least thinking about something to do with boating. Most of my decisions are made around it. (Where to live, how much to spend on other things, plans for anything are done around Poker run dates).
The worst part is, the doctor told this directly to my girl friend. Now I will have a headache if I even mention the boat.
I guess I will find out more tomorrow. Anyone can think of any good argument points on why I should be allowed to keep boating, send them.

Racegirl3 07-02-2006 07:05 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
:( :( :(

masi242 07-02-2006 07:10 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
I hope the Doc will not take the boat away, but remember things could be worse. :D

Hope all goes well.

46tomcat 07-02-2006 07:22 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
You have some bad luck,keep the fingers crossed.We need to get you a shot of High octane and your good as new. Good LucK!!! Tom Abrams

The Menace 07-02-2006 07:24 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
There is always something to be thankful for and today it is that you were able to tell the story. Maybe consider letting somebody else do the strenuous work (like the girl friend) and you do the rest.

Boating is one of the last things I will give up. I can see it now, a Skater rigged for wheel chair access, oxygen, the chair straps in behind the helm with the throttles mounted on the arm of the chair. :D

Craney 07-02-2006 07:40 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
Take your doctor out on your boat that should change his mind. :D :D

Formula Outlaw 07-02-2006 08:02 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
My skin cancer doctor is HARD on my azz to give up boating. After 45 MAJOR skin cancer surgeries he is really putting it to me hard to stay out of the sun even though I don't go anywhere without my SPF 50. His reasoning is pretty simple and difficult to debate: "You've got skin cancer issues caused by the sun, what's not to understand"????? :rolleyes: :mad:

Best of luck to you, in all ways...Russ

Ratickle 07-02-2006 08:02 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
Can't imagine not seeing your posts. Boating can't be as strenuous as being VP of the US. Get in touch with the best in the world and do whatever it takes. If boating means that much, Never Give Up! Your girlfriend will understand. Best of luck, keep us informed.

itilldo 07-02-2006 08:05 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
.Non boaters just think that giving up boating is just like giving up golf. :( :(

NJgr8ful 07-02-2006 08:10 AM

Re: My boating days may be over.
Sorry to hear Gino :( What exactly about the 'boating' hobby is no good for the heart?? Stress?? I would think it helps ... it does for me. If the stress is labor related, like you're working too hard getting boat in and out and preparing. Have someone / pay someone to do ALL that stuff for you :) Other than that I'd be interested what the doc thinks that's going to buy you?!

Take care of yourself first though G ;) Maybe there's something more long term that can be done medically for you.


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