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Why Have 3 or 4 threads been zapped re: fountain flip/roll in So. Fla.?

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Default Re: Why Have 3 or 4 threads been zapped re: fountain flip/roll in So. Fla.?

Originally Posted by packinair
while you where busy typing your epiphanic post you as well have missed the whole point. The question here is not if the insurance companies will find out about an incident or not but what information they get from fellow boaters as a result of threads like this during a investigation. An insurance companies main goal is what? to get out of a claim. So instead of throwing a fellow member of our boating community under the bus while he is going through a difficult time why not take a step back and think about more than trying to make yourself look like Mr. MENSA and think about someone else. All threads like this are doing is making it easier for us to get screwed, If God forbid you rolled your boat, you would want it kept quiet or atleast the details and speculation kept down until your insurance claim was finished. You would not want someone coming on playing Monday morning QB or "hey, I saw him sitting at the bar table 3 section 4 just before he rolled" I just don't know why it can't be left at a boat rolled, noone was hurt, details will follow AFTER an investigation. people with our kind of boats (like each other or not) we are all still part of a unique family and need to watch out for each other (and ourselves) when it comes to something that can potentially really hurt another member. How would you feel if something you said resulted in some ones claim being denied, that could devastate some one financially. can you all just let it go until the time is right.
in 5 years that was the best post I ever read of yours fudge.

another chapter for my book will be about this subject. I only wish I could tell you all what goes on behind the scenes with investigators, insurance companies, manufacturers, families of injured people,etc. If you did know you all would have dropped this subject after my first post earlier.

and if you all knew some of the people that read this site and how they use the information you would be shocked.

keep going and feed the attorneys with the information that will be used to take your hard earned money one day, I assure you of that.

OSO has been asked for records by the courts on more than one occassion and I will give you one guess, its not because a member told them about it. Paralegals are smart and they know how to get information off the net and it is the cheapest information you can buy for free.

its not about sharing the information, its about timing and when the time is right information is shared.

Tank call the owner of the brand of boat that you own and ask him his opinion because I can tell you right now you are helping raise the price of new boats with subjects like this. Remember the manufacturers are the ones that get served the papers when "things happen". Trust me.

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