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lake texoma accident !!!

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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Originally Posted by H2O - Full Throttle
Freshwater Only - You are an inconsiderate A$$HOLE. Friends and family of those who died visit this board, so in good ole Kiwi terminology that you and your fellow blow boaters can understand - FARQ OFF.
H2O, Report his post.
I agree with you 100%

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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

The fact that his accident made national news emphasizes the magnitude of this tragedy. Thoughts and prayers go out to all family and friends
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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Thoughts and prayers to the families & friends.

We are located in the Chattanooga area, if there is anything we can do let us know.

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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Our prayers are with all affected by this tragedy.
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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Originally Posted by Fresh Water Only
Thank you for your post.

As a boater that must share a small body of water with "Offshore Only" boats i have much at stake in the outcome of this discussion.

Sad as this is we need to focus on preventing the next one.

Not one best wish will undue whatís happened to those on Flash Gordon, or Nashville Catz or even speed the recovery of Mr Gordon.

I have witnessed a Poker Run on Lake Havasu and remain stunned at how dangerous it can be.

I saw jest skis, pontoon boats and even a rented houseboat cross the paths of boats approaching them at 100+ MPH!.

Offshore only boats ďnot racingĒ but participating in freshwater lake poker runs is akin to allowing racing on a freeway.

Mr. Gordon wont recover , you idiot, focus on peoples feelings at this time of tragedy, or go to
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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

[QUOTE=jbrauer]Bruce & Myra are members of our boat club in Tennessee (MCPA). They're always nice and while they're boat is fast, but its also built to handle it. As far as their piloting skills, this isn't the first fast boat they've had, nor their first time at Texoma. They did say it was their favorite run each year.

We ate lunch with them at our local poker run in July and they spoke as if they were a proffesional team when operating the boat, each with a job to do. Their operation always looked safe and courteous to me. It's a terrible accident and a sad, sad day...

All involved are in my thoughts and prayers![/QUOTE

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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

God Speed............

2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.
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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Originally Posted by Fresh Water Only
Whose is Mr Gordon and was he involved in this accident?

Do you know who was in this accident?

Ever meet any of them?

Your juenile rant and hatred will not spare the next John Desousa, Mike Scaffidi, Myra Gibson, Gordon Mineo, his wife, someones daughter and son in law.
I believe he was refrencing your hopeing Mr Gordon will recover. It is Bruce Gibson that is in ICU. All other saddly are dead.

Everyone use your heads. There will be plenty of time for all that talk. Can't we wait a few days.

My prayers go out to all family members. What a terrible accident.
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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Now Is Not The Time For All This Bickering, Come On Lives Were Lost. Lets Show Some Respect To The Families. Prayers Are Needed. Lets Stop All This Bulls____.
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Default Re: lake texoma accident !!!

Originally Posted by IMSA
I have to agree with Freshwater Only. If poker runs are to continue on inland public waterways, a couple of things are going to need to be done.

If youíre going to have a poker run, have a poker run and limit speeds. Itís pretty irresponsible in my opinion to be running high performance boats in excess of 100 MPH in the same area as slower recreational boaters. I donít care how good the pilot is, thereís always the possibility of equipment failure that can change things in a split second. The tragic accident was between two participants and anyone knows that bad things can happen at those speeds. Someday a poker run participantís going to run into a pontoon boat full of kids or boat load of non participant boaters and you can kiss poker runs goodbye.

If you donít want to limit speed, then each section of the lake or water way needs to be cleared of all non participants for a period of time to let all participants through. Boats participating in poker runs are exceeding off shore racing speeds. If you have participants running those types of speeds then the event needs to be treated as a high speed event with emergency personal and emergency aircraft.

You can go ahead and report me too.


This isn't the time, place or thread for this discussion. Have some compassion. This is a thread for the family, friends and OSO family to share our feelings, prayers and thoughts. I'm sure there is going to be a lot of discussion before any more poker runs happen. For now, let it go. There is nothing you can say about things that should be done in the future that could be rectified here and now. Until now you have not chosen to join OSO or in any of the discussions. Now is not the best time for you to voice your opinon. We are a family here, please move on and let us help support each other in this very sad time. Thank you
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