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tbanzer1 12-20-2006 08:37 PM

Upolstery shop in W. NY
Looking to find a good Upholstery shop in the Buffalo area. I brought my boat to a shop to have a full cover made and to have my hatch cover recovered with some additional padding to make it more comfortable to sit on. Was quoted a price that was agreeable with a 1 week to 10 days for a completion time. After 12 weeks of promises and story's I finally get the boat back. Boat cover is fitted pretty good but misses covering half the sides of the boat like I expected. Now I look at the hatch cover, I would be embarrassed to put this on a 14 ft row boat let alone my pride and joy. Now I wish it was never touched. During this waiting period I lose 2 storage location that filled up because I couldn't get my boat there in time. Now he says just put the boat away and bring it back in the spring and Ill have it done in a week. I have $1000 in this work so far and I'm not sure I trust that I will get a satisfactory timely job from this shop. Ready to just cut my losses and go to another shop this spring when I get the boat out of storage. Any top quality upholsterer shops in the buffalo area?

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