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OKAY OKAY...A little OT.....but you'll like 'em

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I got a buddy of mine who has a cruiser and on the back it says in REA BIG LETTERS.


I should ask him.......My Glen buddy....
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Guys and Gulls, cummon guys you got hooked up and shacked up with someone for a reason, not the tities I am sure, as for me a DARN foreigner I'd rather have them proportianate and not overwhelming and also despise plastic/ rubber as I hate the smell of it LOL, and also the feel, soyes my weiner may be average but there is no way in the world someone is going to put a knife to it unless it is an emergency, ask old Bobbit, he knows.

Sory not a big tit lover, more than a mouth full is a WASTE
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Damn, I gotta get my cable modem back-and then go back to that site!!! Yeehah!
Chesapeake Bay Powerboat Association
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I like um big
I like um small
I like um all

I like um REAL!!!!!

Put your best foot forward!
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My wife and I are the proud new owners of two new 400cc "Boobies". They are about three weeks old and doing fine.

I was totally against the idea when my wife first asked me. I told her I like her just as she is. After two kids over the past 3.5 years, she went from a 32D to a 32C.

She looks great after two kids. She's now 36yrs, 120lbs @ 5'7". She just lost it up top and wanted them back to where they once were.

I went with her to the DR. appts and learned a lot about the procedure. Things like under or over the muscle and size.

We have had 6 other friends get boobs the past year. Sizes from 375cc to 700cc, yea I said 700cc !!!!! Just like someone said earlier, go a bit bigger than you think you want to. Quite a few gal's that we talked to wished they went a bit bigger.

The DR. will tell you what he thinks he can do, as they can only push so much saline. But here's what happends......You get the boobs and they are swollen for 3-5 weeks and you get use to them, and then the swelling goes down and you wish they were bigger.

Go about 20 to 25cc more than you want. Then when the swelling goes down, you'll be in there.......

Oh yea......and this is the most important part.......It hurts like HELL......My wife says worse than child birth !!!!! We have a 3yr & 1 yr old and she could not lift either of them for 5 weeks. When she came out of PostOp.....she wished she never did it. She was on her feet within 3 days.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, it wasn't too bad. Anyway, I've been away from home the last two weeks and am looking forward to getting back to my new additions.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give up some of my recent education.....

Good luck.....Oh and take a lot of before pix, you'll be amazed !!!!!

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Troutly...I think you are looking at the wrong women...LOL
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Well Shor......... We all put aftermarket stuff on our boats so why not a set of aftermarket hooters????????????????????
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Shore- Be carefull.
Ihave had many friends by installations for there girl only to get left behind in the dust of here new self estem. I look at that the same as a girl running off with $5K out of my wallet. When it came time for my girlfriend to get "Thu Hookups" I Fu#@%ked up her self estem real good before she went in. And after she got out and felt better I reminded her she is still a small breasted ugly skank on the inside and that nobody but me would ever want her so she better not leave or she will never feel loved again. Later on I met a girl with a better implant job and I dumped her. I think she is hooking now.

Do you get the picture.
Yes this story is fake, But I win for pissing off the most broads on the board tonight.
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I remember I was dating this girl with a great pair of "pumps" All during dating she would "dress for success" so to speak, Nice tight outfits showing just enough of her very ample clevage, always hot but never cheap or sleazy, Well when the time finally came and I got her out of those clothes she looked even better than I had imagined,great,full breasted proportions,needless to say I was on them in a flash and started giving them the upclose and personal attention that they were crying out for, I carried on for a little while giving them the full treatment when she suddenly blurts out...."Ahhhh...Hmmmm....ya know after I got them done I kinda lost like some of the feeling in them...actually all the feeling....." I thought WHAT THE F%*K!!!......I felt like sueing her for false advertising!!!!..........true story.
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Matt- Didnt piss me off...and I dont think Gasm is paying for them, he is much smarter than that
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