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Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

my condolences to the famlies
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Very sad!
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Thoughts and prayers to all those involved
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Originally Posted by yzbert View Post

On a side note I for one am sick and tired of the florida powerboat club making videos like the one that is posted on oso today. Complete disrespect for safety in this video and many others i have seen from them.
I can tell you first hand that Stu runs a tight ship. Not only have I seen him chew people out for running in a dangerous manner, I have seen plenty of people get tossed out of the club for not following safety rules. Stu can't follow every boat during a run & police their activities. That is up to the person running the boat and in the end, the person who is responsible for anything that might happen.
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Originally Posted by Ms PatriYacht View Post
What makes you feel like you know the reason the thread was started, all I read in the first post was "not looking good" and a link to the article. That sounds pretty open ended to me. Four people died out there and not only is it an extremely sad sad tradegey it's also a mystery because there was no crash, no bad weather, no high speed cat flip. This could have been any one of us out there having fun and hoping a few waves. Hell I have been on a ton of poker runs with older boats 8' feet or so shorter in huge waves and they came back in one piece. Of course people wonder what happend and since this is Offshore Only, not the funeral home, why shouldn't people be allowed to discuss it. I sometimes think there are more experts here than the so called ones the insurance companies call in.

Life vests are great and I have even sent letters to the mags about it, but they don't always save lives, sometimes they just make it easier to recover. I hope we find out what happened and that is probably something that the grieving father and sister wants to know as well.

Nice post!
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Talked to a member of the recovery team the other day:
Water depth - 20 feet
Tabs - down all the way
Trim - negative, tucked all the way in
Location - 3.8 miles from the cut or .8 mile offshore

Just an FYI
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

If it was an outgoing tide the wreckage might have been recovered in much deeper water than the incident occured in.
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Originally Posted by ActiveFun View Post
Is there a "life" span for the fiberglass? Does it get weaker after a certain period? Are boats not as safe a certain number of years?
No material is "fatigue-proof", FRP being no exception. The big issues are construction quality and the previous stresses imparted to the object." 20 years ago, before some of the big advances in materials and construction techniques, raceboats were just laid up light. It was known that they wouldn't last long- they were built knowing that after x number of races, they'd be used up. On the other hand, you had boats that are still legendary for their durability. Take Cigarette- Don didn't want to deal with customers coming back whining about broken boats. He also wanted the reputation of Cigarette to be that of an unbreakable superboat- playing into the whole mystique of the brand. This opened the door for Reggie and others who knew they could make their boats faster by making them lighter. It also made them more susceptible to damage. Now we have materials unimaginable 20 years ago- but you still have manufacturers competing on a very level playing field. There are few secrets in boat design and construction. (like the magic 24 degree bottom). So what's left? Autoclave cured carbon boats like Tencara? SOTA construction like Skater? Making the boats lighter? The first two are fine for big-dollar raceboats. The third is what's left for someone who wants to build more than two boats a year.

As far as fatigue, fiberglass is a very forgiving material- especially in a well-engineered boat. It also gives plenty of telltale signs of fatigue. Unlike steel and many other metals which can develop microscopic fissure and all at once fail, FRP will usually show signs of over-stress prior to failure. As an aside, when Kevlar first hit the market, it got a bad rap for being less forgiving than FRP. I didn't give off the same tell-tale signs of impending failure. That of course has been proven over the years to be BS. There were some isolated incidents of broken raceboats but lamination schedules and inexperience with the material were the true culprits.

In the end, having a boat professionally surveyed before purchase and subsequently having it examined by a qualified pro on a regular basis makes absolute sense. In the Powerplay mishap, it seems to be a recent purchase that was showing outward signs of distress. Problem is, many times what you need to look at in a performance boat is covered up by a cockpit/cabin liner and lots of luxury stuff that can't easily be removed.

In short, if you're dealing with a well-made boat that has not been stressed multiple times close to its yield point, it should have a fairly long lifespan. If it has been pushed hard, there will definitely be telltale signs. The older resins can deteriorate over decades- if your intention is to run very hard in big water, an older boat most likely is not a good choice.
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Thanks for that post Sunkin- very insightful.
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Default Re: Boat Crash off Marco Island Today

Originally Posted by Springbrook View Post
Talked to a member of the recovery team the other day:
Water depth - 20 feet
Tabs - down all the way
Trim - negative, tucked all the way in
Location - 3.8 miles from the cut or .8 mile offshore

Just an FYI
I was afraid of that with 3 weeks of seat time...
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