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one big offshore family

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Post one big offshore family

With all due respect to OSO members, it has taken me a long time to sign on. I did so today - but not as the official voice of Poker Runs America or the annual Offshore Racing magazines I edit. The e-mail is my home contact address, hopefully enabling me to comment as an informed individual rather than a corporate spokesperson. My reason for logging on is my concern about the future of offshore performance boating, both in poker run and race versions. Simply put, there is far too much disinformation floating around and far more infighting than necessary. Sure everybody wants to do his or her own thing, but the scenario has gotten way out of hand. Instead of working together (and still ruling our own roosts - it really can be done!)more and more we seem to be resorting to name-calling and mudracking. When I first became involved in the sport of offshore - recreational and racing - I met a lot of incredibly positive people who went out of their way to make me feel welcome as part of one big family. That's why I still enjoy my current role not only as a media type but as somebody who would like to be around when offshore performance boating lights the fire in people's eyes in the same way it does for fans of NASCAR, Formula racing etc. Yeah, we do have more than our fair share of bad-news scenarios and they must be dealt with. But isn't it about time we started to work as one to focus on solutions that ultimately will see us all benefit? Or has the sport of offshore become North America's new unresolvable Middle East crisis?

I'd like to hear some practical and positive solutions for a change.

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Name calling... here ...on this board no way.....must be gasm.

is mudracking.....anything like mudwrestleing

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Mediaman, how can you make this post claiming to be just an "informed individual" and NOT a corporate spokesperson, then make another very corporate post about publicity in poker runs america?

So ... which are you?
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Sounds to me like he is just trying to improve the sport we love. Go for it Mediaman, a lot of us will be with you.
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Glad to have you on the board.
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Hmmmmm......That's all I have to say..
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Welcome to the board.......Bill Taylor???
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ok,I'll play;city:detriot
e-mail: .ca
am I missing something?
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I think your intitial experience still rings true. The vast majority of the time people are welcomed into boating.

You see lots of bashing on the board that is just friendly stuff, and those individuals usually know each other. And with all the OSO gatherings, more people meet others.

The race stuff, well, you just have a bunch of guys with big egos that want to get into pissing matches. However, I've seen guys on this board like DJD and Stevedavid that are just about as professional as can be. You just have to weed out what you don't want to see.

As far as racing itself, how do you further it? Well, I don't live in FL, so I miss 50% of the racing action. Closest thing I'll see is Cleveland OH. I can go to MIS and watch a Nascar race, or go to Indy, etc.etc. and drag racing, I have just as many options.

Boat racing will benefit from more media (ie TV) coverage. It's not like you can put bleachers to hold 80,000 screaming fans around an offshore boat race course. It's a difficult thing to do. I'd like to see an Offshore race on Lake MI, NOT on the Chicago side...LOL! More races in general would be nice, too. But that's a whole can of worms there. I'm sure others in other geographic areas would like more, too. But, that's why it "doesn't light a fire" for me. I don't watch Nascar though either after May or so. Why? On a Sunday afternoon in the summer, I'll be boating.

Overall, this board is a great place, a little slow this winter in my opp compared to last winter, but a great place to get info, and meet people. Lots of class on the board, and some others, you just read what you want:-)

Welcome to the board.

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