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Strike 01-09-2002 10:33 PM

need Help On Small Boat Capital Of The World?
I have a friend in Deale (spelling?). We want to come there in the spring from Western NY. Can anyone give us some help on this? How about a ride while we are in the area?

Waterfoul 01-09-2002 11:21 PM

Where is Deale???

Audiofn 01-09-2002 11:26 PM

Ya is that like near timbucktoo or something? :D :D :D What state?

Waterfoul 01-09-2002 11:28 PM


Audiofn 01-09-2002 11:33 PM

I am thinking waterfoul that there is a hint in the title "small boat capitol of the world" I am off to find out what state that is!!! :D :D

Waterfoul 01-09-2002 11:34 PM

no clue

Audiofn 01-09-2002 11:35 PM

came up with a big goose egg on that one!!!

GOFSTCAT 01-09-2002 11:37 PM

well i dont know about small boats but Ft.Lauderdale is the yachting capital of the world

Waterfoul 01-09-2002 11:38 PM

And with nearly 100,000 more registered boats than the next closest state, Michigan is the BOATING (small, medium, large, and yacht!) of the WORLD!!!!

Audiofn 01-09-2002 11:41 PM

Boston is the hmmmm oh never mind!!! :D :D

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