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KIDSTUF to break endurance record SF to LB

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Mike J
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Kidstuff is the boat that crashed in Oceanside a few years ago, Somehow a rumor was
out that one of the people driver or throttleman, Kobe
Kline-Craig Furgusion was a
lawyer and that the sharks in
the area stayed away out of
professional courtesy.
Mike J.
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Just curious. Wasn't Kidstuff one of the boats that got bashed up pretty bad in Keywest this year on the first day of racing for the World Championships? They either rolled it or stuffed it.
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Mike J , professional courtesy ? NICE !!
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Here are the facts about the kidstuff Boat if your interested in accurancy, not speculation and conjecture...

Built in 1997 by Mills Brown and Bill Coulter, two Car Dealers from Phoenix, The Blank Hull was originally rigged by Craig Archer at Archer Marine, Original engines were de-tuned Merc Class 1's, re-engineered by Gary Teague of GT Performance, Montclaire California (no relation to Bob Teague). Mills and Bill raced the boat for around a season and a half, but they never liked it much, (seemed to have a real bad habit of falling on the right side and almost hooking every time it caught air) they had little succees and thier enthusiasm faded quickly. The Boat was sold to Coby Klien Sometime in 1998 I think.

Coby teamed up with Craig Ferguson (who was Driving for Rique Ford at the time in another 36 Skater later purchased by George Stancombe), and Coby and Craig had some competative outings until a very bad crash in Oceanside where both were severly injured and nearly killed. The boat was also very badly hurt..

This ended the team's run and Coby sat out for about 6 months recovering from his injuries and repairing the Boat. Craig also sat out for awhile recovering, then purhased his own 36 from the Dairy Farmer "MOO" (I don't know his name) but it was a slick piece at the time and had jsut set a Kilo Record, Sterlings, great rigging, etc. That boat was renamed Renegade.

Both boats were converted to one person doing the driving and throttling (Coby's has dual rigging and can go either way). Craig has gone on to have a lot of success with his boat, and Coby has had some success, not neearly as much, with a variety of Drivers, Throttleman incluiding Rique Ford, Greg Rivera and Kelly Mason.

The Kidstuff boat has very cool, very safe canopies that Coby designed himself and engineered himself and if all other side by side Skater canopies were designed that way I suspect we might have a few nore racers still with us.

Jerry Gilbreth has never throttled the Kidstuff boat, probably never sat inside it for that matter.

Jerry Gilbreth as of late has been throttling the Honker Cut Marine Boat (my old ride) with Rod Kernofel at the wheel. They hurt a boat badly twords the end of the season (a 36 Skater with Arneson's that Rod has raced for a long time) and then went out and bought the old Fountain/ Skater and re-rigged it with Rod's engines from the 1st boat (being repaired at Skater) so they could run the worlds.

The Kidstuff boat DID NOT run at the worlds this year, and obviously, was not a boat that got bashed up there, the Fountain Mercury(now being raced as Honkercut marine with Jerry-Throttles and Rod-Driving) rolled in the first race, lots of superficial damage, looked worse than it was. Not a good day to be racing a 36 against the likes of 40's and 43's.

Good luck to Coby and Scott, I hope they get it done.


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Member #2 ....Jeeezz
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Not interested in accurancy, I want speculation and conjecture
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Cig 1...

Sounds good to me, to each his own
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You're right! bad..catfused!!..that's the one I was thinking of...

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Hey Highbidder,
Prior to Fountain Mercury, the 36' Rod and Jerry are running now used to be my old ride as Defender Racing. One of the lightest 36' Skaters at the time and an awesome boat; I am just curious, as someone who follows Honker Cut, are they planning to keep running it or is it just a substitute until they fix the other one?
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I don't think so, Rod and Cindy (Kernofel, owner of Honker Cut marine) are good friends of mine and Rod was great to race with, but this year was terribly expensive, wrecking two boats, etc. I think Jerry want's to build a new 40', but the economics will rest with Rod and Cindy.

They could well afford to do it if they wanted to but I think they are a little burnt out after such high hopes for the Worlds (Jerry and Rod rigged the new replacement boat in 2 days and were completly worn out) and another disaster.

Great people, it would be a shame to lose them, but that is my guess.

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That last post of yours was "speculation and conjecture"!!!

Nort (aka Universal Chaos)
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