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I am sick and effing tired of this no lanyard BS.

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I wonder what next Monday's accident report is going to look like.

I am tired of this bullshlt.
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Originally Posted by Vyper340 View Post
Lighten up GORDO.
<laughing> Nothing "high and mighty" here. I simply exercised my constitutional right to freedom of speech and voiced my opinion. Anything wrong with that? Besides, Looks like a great majority shares my passion for life, and distaste for idiots.
Actually, You may be surprised as to exactly how many years I've been boating. For the record, while I have never been part of the armed forces I too have served on behalf of the United states, (USCGA). Not in the same capacity as you, and in a much smaller and more limited scope, but I too am proud of my time spent and served. Regardless, I want to personally thank you for your service and allowing us both to make our points in an open forum such as this.
I also agree with you in that idiots will always do stupid things. He11, even smart folks will screw up once in a while. But a safety lanyard is no comparision to things like seat belts and motorcycle helmets. I won't replay the sad events and traumatic stories you've already read. I won't even pull out any boxes, soap or otherwise. But make no mistake, I'm not the slightest bit ambarrassed by my stand on the subject or my position I take.
So, just for the sake of "counterpoint", Let's say a family member that is the most near and dear to your heart is killed by a runaway boat that has lost its Captain, who BTW, refuses to wear a safety lanyard.
Simply ask yourself this question...
What point would you want to "communicate" to that captain?
Now let's take it a step further, what if you were that captain?
Call me whatever you want, but don't think I'm embarrassed because I stand up for what I think is right, or against what I think is wrong.

Originally Posted by Vyper340 View Post
Lighten up GORDO. Tell me where in my post did it say that I don't support the action of wearing lanyards. I was simply pointing out the counterpoint which by the way is another one of the freedoms that we have (freedom of speech) provided by the constitution that, as a naval officer for more years than you've probably been boating, I've been proud to support and defend. Perhaps we need to have safety lanyards and other items on everything to prevent idiots from doing stupid things. Will that stop it from happening?? The answer is NO and none of us here need to get all high and mighty and get on a soapbox. Please don't embarrass yourself by communicating some veil threat about "coming after me with every part..."

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When I was much younger in 1974, my first speed boat was a 15 ft. Checkmate. One day I was making a speed run down the Detroit River and stuffed the boat after hitting some rollers. The next thing I knew I was in the water and swimming to the surface and hit the bottom of my boat and then I pulled myself back into it. My legs were under the dash and I ended up breaking my leg. The boat had a racing cleaver on it at the time. What saved my life was my kill switch which was attached to me or else I would of probably been chopped up and maybe some other boater would of been hurt. Accidents happen and the lanyard saved my life. So please wear your lanyard every time you go out. I'm 57 and still boating and wear my lanyard.
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