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I am sick and effing tired of this no lanyard BS.

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Gotcha, that should work. I'll try to start wearing mine, if I leave it hanging it taps against the dash and aggrivates the crap out of me anyway.
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(Tongue in cheek here.) Bryan - If you hadn't been wearing your seatbelt in that ThunderChicken, would you have at least put on the lanyard?

Glad you're healing. And - Thanks for this post. It reminded me to step up to the plate and wear my lanyard.
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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Wrap the lanyard around your wrist and clip it back to itself.

When I drove my boat through a 31 sea-ray last year in the middle of the night, one of the thoughts going through my head, as I flew through the air sideways and landed the boat almost completely on the port side of the hull, was "I bought this damn lanyard, I don't have it wrapped around my wrist, and I'm about to go for a swim".

I wear it more religiously now. Not when i'm idling, but unless it slips my mind it goes on before the throttle goes forward.
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Originally Posted by Stormrider View Post
how do you retro an older boat that does not have a lanyard?
Can someone show a link to a kit or install?
it is a merc. part.good anti theft device as well.SAFETY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEE MINE IN FREEPORT.
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Lot's of options guys - be part of the solution, not the problem...
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I am sick and effing tired of this no lanyard BS.-37-ul.jpg  
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Related story........

Last year I went to the Around Manhattan Brunch Run at the end of the season.....

There were a few boats hanging around waiting for the rest of the fleet and we idled over and sat there...... drifting.

I hear some people laughing in a nearby boat and hear.... "Yeah, that's him and do you believe it...they've got life jackets on!....."

I look over and it's pretty obvious that this group is talking about my boat and the two of us on board....

We take off and I run at least 200 yards away from any other boats...and stay there until the narrow confines of the East River force us closer (but no closer than maybe 200 much reduced speed in the slop). I don't know these people and I have seen enough Poker Runs to understand the zany mindsets and showing off that frequently overrule common sense.

As we are returning to the harbor at Port Washington, the same boat with the group who had earlier made comments about my life jackets makes a last minute dash and deliberately tries to cut me off..... and/or hose me down.... I'm too long at the wheel for that nonsense and I evade the whole attempt..but it was a pretty damn obvious maneuver and they had to run at least 1/4 mile out of the way to make this attempt.... finally, they go blissfully off into the distance..waving and gesturing...

I backed off and went directly to the trailer ramp rather than to the restaurant and left...choosing to avoid what could have been a nasty ...and useless...... confrontation. ( 20 years ago there would have been a very different ending)..

The point.... there are a bunch of yahoos...some of whom post on this website who have no clue about safety, integrity or class.... and don't get it. Most are male 20-40 years of age and running on testosterone and fantasy, believing that they have great skills, speed, and hardware.... Many are correct about the speed and hardware..but the skills are more imagined than real in most cases. I imagine that these people are equally boisterous behind the wheel of a car or even at home in personal situations, and we may never reach them, but we should keep trying.

To me, posts like these take courage and I applaud Sydwayz for starting it. Careless behaviour on the water takes no courage and brands you, not as a rugged individualist, but rather as an irresponsible punk who takes risks not only with your own thoughtless life but with the precious existance of others'.

So put me squarely in Gordo's corner, but also be aware that, for a lot of these witless wonders, words have no meaning.


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Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
....and one other thing that chaps my azz.

STOP EDITING POSTS PEOPLE!!!!! Type what you feel and stick with it!!!!
Sometimes when your having a and you read your post over you have to retype your correct spelling
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Good post. Good reminder. Mine will be on this weekend and all outings thereafter.
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Originally Posted by T2x View Post
The point.... there are a bunch of yahoos...some of whom post on this website who have no clue about safety, integrity or class.... and don't get it.

Great post.
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I was pulled over on Memorial Day by the water cops. I knew I wasn`t doing anything wrong and sure enough they were just checking for life jackets and such.
One officer asked me to show him my fire extinguisher to make sure it was fully charged. I was still wearing my lanyard and had to disconnect it to reach the extinguisher. As I handed the extinguisher to him, he said "Thanks for being safe".

They actually kind of made my day.
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