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White Lightning Theft at LOTO

Old 06-27-2007, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by stillboatin View Post
I was just askin if it was true. heard it from and close source and wanted to know how true it was.
The truth is out there just hard to find.
I will have a lot of people looking after tomorow in the right places.
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Old 06-28-2007, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by m.wagner View Post
I'm confused on monday I heard 2 guys drove 5 hours to LOTO to clean up a s**t spoon. "Plan to strike a presumed revenge?"

When confronted the spoons ran and ran. 4 on 2 I was told. Then the spoons called the law. The 2 horseman was requested to leave by the law. "Confrontation?"

Later that night the spoons committed GRAND THEFT!!!! Like most cowards they struck WHITE LIGHTNING in the dark and then hid behind fences. "The act of vandelism?"

And told on themselves for lack of commen senses.Then stole other peoples s**t to cover up their messes. "Proved their act of vandelism by writing on the boat so they jumped other boats in their illogical attempt to make it look like theft?"

This is sure an interesting post. Either M. Wagner knows something or M. Wagner is a poetic **** stirrer.
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Old 06-28-2007, 12:07 AM
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Yup.....wagner.....moderators....IP addresses?
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Old 06-28-2007, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. Jeff View Post
First, the above comment is about the most ignorant and stupidest thing I've ever read. Second, as anyone that has followed this drama, and actually read the post will know, MWBP members and Travis have all made up and noone has any hard feelings. Never mind the fact that you would insinuate that members of another forum would not only steal from, but also vandalize a boat is moronic.

Having said that, Travis, Weapon X and anyone else, if there's anything that we at MWBP can do to help you find this person, please let me know. The resources of MWBP open to you whatever you need.

Sorry to hear there are scumbags like this at the lake!!!!
Dr. Jeff, you say I'm Ignorant, stupid and moronic?...lets looks at the facts:

Dr. Jeff, your post:

Travis, et al.

As owner of MWBP, let me apologize for the unnecessary comments about your wife. Sometimes mob mentality rules, and people get wound up in something and say things that not only aren't true, but things they don't necessarily mean. I'm sure your wife is a lovely person, and again accept my apology on behalf of MWBP.

The thread in question has been removed as no one benefits from continued mud slinging and name calling. All have had their say, and its time to move on.

I think the cooler heads on both sites will realize that the vast majority of people that boat will get along anytime anywhere. As members of large forums, you also must agree that sometimes things take on a life of their own, and reason goes out the window for the sake of continued drama.

While I was in Party Cove over Memorial Day, and your revving engines were the talk of a large group of people that couldn't understand the point, I feel that the thread turned to unfair personal attacks and that is not what MWBP wants to promote.

Lets agree to disagree on who does and who doesn't like to hear your motors and let by-gones be by-gones. There are plenty of people that love the boat and would kindly have a cold one with you, so lets leave it like that.

Jeff Huebner
aka Dr. Jeff Owner/Admin

Travis' post:

Dr.Jeff, I was very impressed with your site,but I say 13 pages of unwarreted,direspectful trash,and not one individual on your site personally knew me,and u allowed it as CEO. Then when the TRUTH starts to arise u pull the thread. I ask u again please put the thread back up, and I will refrain from a negative threat. Since u are the judge, do I not deserve 2 have a few character references, since U allowed 14 pages of trash, and could of stepped in on the first page, and I say again then the TRUTH starts 2 come out about who I really am and POOF. INTEGRITY, you are only as good as your word. Take ED COZZI's posts to your site,everyone knows the validity of his words!!!!!!!! Thanks Again.....


1. Posts on your website (13-14 pages?) are critical of Travis.
2. You apologize and pull the thread.
All appears to have been resolved, then
3. Travis' boat gets vandalized, with "Fu-k You" and "your subs will sound good in my boat" gouged into the side.

I'm not insinuating a thing, nor was I being critical of you or your website. I'm simply suggesting that, based on FACTS(since the F-U appears to be personal), that a good place to start an investigation would be those who have been publicly critical of Travis and who own a boat. (MOTIVE). This is neither a criticism of you, your website , OSO, or any of the countless honest, admirable, stand-up members of both sites, it is simply logic in developing a list of suspects (who are innocent until proven guilty I believe is how our legal system is suppopsed to work). If you were the detective in charge of this matter would you not at least consider this a possibility?

I would have read the full story on MWBP had you NOT pulled the thread. Unfortunately I did not have that opportunity. To write that I am ignorant, stupid and moronic does not in any way accurately represent my motive, which is to simply assist in bringing those responsible to justice.

To that end I applaud you for offering your assistance and I personally agree to match Anthony Smith's pledge of $2,000 for "any info leading to the scum who done this."

To any of you offended by my comments, I apologize.
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Old 06-28-2007, 01:14 AM
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Omerta one I can tell you it takes a very out of the ordinary person to put ones money on the line for others.

I think Dr.Jeff is just worried about his site being drug back into a bad deal like the other thread.
It was a bad post but we've all been there. I have made a couple.
MWBP is all up to help out and all of them that I have seen on there for two years seem to be real good people.

As far as matching my money that's up to you but more $ may or may not help I'm not sure. But it sure can't hurt.
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Old 06-28-2007, 02:07 AM
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Just to clarify yes my boat was on the same dock and was vandalized as well. My guess is they were hit the same time by the same people.My boat was only there for 2 days. So its not like they had time to pre plan this attack on my boat. If I did something to make someone want to vandalize my material objects id sure like to know what that was.Im paying for the damages out of my pocket. Yes I have insurance but by the time I pay the deductible and then have to worry if they will raise the rates its just not worth it..If the Thiefs needed money that bad, next time just come to me and explain your needs for the items that bad. I may just give ya the money for it as its easier and cheaper than to have to replace the missing items along with repair the damage ya caused because you feel you need these things more than I do.
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Old 06-28-2007, 08:39 AM
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I hate hearing stories like this. The water is one of the few places where everywhere you go, people that you have never met pass by you and wave. To think that one boater would do this kind of thing to another (two actually) is sickening.

I hope you guys catch this a$$hat and teach him a little respect.
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I'd look at the bottom of the lake right under the boats in question. I'll bet the stolen equipment is down there.
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Old 06-28-2007, 09:17 AM
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This thing sucks. Thieves are some of the worst scumbags breathing good air. I hope the scum are caught and dealt with severely.
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omerta one,
I understand your position, and I apologize for my comments. The original thread sort of put a black eye on MWBP, and I assumed it was going to start again with your comment. No offense taken, and again, I apologize for the comments I made about your post.

I truly do not believe that anyone on MWBP is in any way involved, nor do I believe anyone on OSO is involved. It just seems impossible that people that spend their time on boating websites would vandalize another boat. Maybe I'm too optimistic, and if I find that anyone from my site was involved, I'll be the first to turn them in.

I do hope they find these people, it could be any of our boats next.
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