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Thought I'd seen it all at the ramp...

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Default Thought I'd seen it all at the ramp...

So Sunday afternoon after the Jammin' on the James Poker Run, OCDActive and I are about to shove off from ActiveShack's house with my boat and head to the ramp load up on the trailer. The ramp is only 300 yards from Mark's house. An older 24' Baja comes cruising along and blocks the whole ramp. So, Scott and I stand back and wait for the ramp to open up.

This guy ties up across the opening of the single launch ramp; and proceeds to take for fricking EVER to walk 50 yards to retrieve his truck and trailer. He backs down the ramp, and walks out to the boat. In the mean time, our friend Russ pulls up with my truck and trailer and proceeds to offer help, yet the Baja owner continues on his own.

This it the best part! He pulls the Baja onto the trailer, and powers on about 3/4 of the way at about 3500rpm +/-. HE BACKS THE THROTTLE DOWN TO 2500RPM AND LEAVES THE BOAT IN GEAR blowing water about 5 feet in the air and 20 feet back!!! HE LEAVES THE COCKPIT AND WALKS UP THE BOW to the winch and proceeds to hook up the winch and start winching the boat up the trailer; ALL THE WHILE STILL IN GEAR AT 2500RPM!!

Fortunately the boat did not rocket up his POS trailer and kill him. Upon seeing this guy's "expertise" our friend Russ, politely moves WAY the hell away from this spectacle. The guy walked down the bow and shut the motor down. THEN, he proceeds to drive up the ramp with the DRIVE STILL DOWN.

I guess it takes all kinds!

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jest goes to show some people . doint need a boat . a2 years ago saw a 31 cc going out the inlet at around 30mph ob trimmed to max up bow to the sky looking around the side of the boat to see .
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Hey Sonny you got a problem with the way I load my boat!!!!
Put your best foot forward!
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F'ing stupid Baja owners!
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Sounds like a typical Sunday afternoon at the ramp where I put in!

I fear, that with like motorcycles, more and more knuckleheadz are taking up boating. Common sense seems to go right out the window.
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I think launch ramps out to have stadium seating and an announcer.. can you imagine..

"OH! So close that time, folks, lets give him a round of applause and a round for our sponsors Fiberglass of North America who will be waiting at the top of the ramp for todays contenders"
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You're just jealous you didn't think of it first.

Instead, you take the easy way out and take me and OCDactive with you to play it safe.
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I saw a Baja owner over the weekend lose his boat!Here was this guy launching his Baja as I was waiting for seemed like 10minutes.The dude starts up the motor, walks over the bow,jumps in the water to release the strap and there goes the boat.He had it in reverse.Then he runs out into the water then begins to swim until he got ahold of the little hook on the bow of the boat all the while the boat is going backwards.

This guy was holding on to that hook and trying to throw a leg over the bow which was impossible.The boat was easliy 75 yard from the ramp when all of a sudden" Batman" on another boat saw what was going on and jumped aboard this Baja and took it out of gear.

If only I had a video camera to capture this stunt and send it to AFV.
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I'm not sure if it gets any better than that, however a few years back an old girlfriends father was pulled over after leaving the lake with 45' of rope and an anchor still tied to his boat,he went to jail over that neat trick.
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Brian , We had already pulled our boat out and were cleaning it up I guess when this went on....but I heard about it later on Marks dock from the neighbor Jim. The community had just bucked up the money to put a new longer slab on that ramp because of some of the residents are getting larger boats and he was not to happy with that person to say the least. Don't blame him in the least!!

Let alone the butt dart leaves it in gear and walks up the bow to finish whiching it on!!!
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