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WAC51 08-23-2007 05:32 PM

What is Chime Walk
I am looking at buying a Wellcraft Excalibur 23, I have seen some people complaining about chime walk, can somebody please explain what chime walk is,


prosno 08-23-2007 05:37 PM

Its what makes you soil your undies at high speed.
On a serious note its when the back of the boat becomes unstable at high speed and you can feel the boat have a back and forth wobble, trim tabs help.

DirtyMoney 08-23-2007 05:39 PM

Chine walk

omerta one 08-23-2007 05:44 PM

Chime walk is how far the monk has to walk to the bell tower. :D

Chine walk happens when the boat has the ability to run with little wetted surface. The boat is trying to run on a small pad, once it falls off this pad, it falls to one side then bounces over to the other side. Hence chine walking! Chine walk is the boat rocking side to side on its chines.

jafo 08-23-2007 05:46 PM

Chime walk = strolling through London listening to Big Ben:D

Chine walk = rythmic rotation of a vessel on its lateral axis once the vessel is on plane

TUFFboat 08-23-2007 09:14 PM

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I can't understand all the fuss about "walkin". Everyone that came out of little boats, Hydrostream, checkmate (15ft with an 150xs), Alison etc has no issue with the phenomena of chine walking. Even if they have not mastered the steering technique to deal with it, they still don't fear it, there still just learning it.
It seems that alot of big boat people what to accuse the big boat of bad handling or use the training wheels (trim tabs) to fix it instead of simply accepting the fact that there is another skill to learn. Would not everyone want to be able to operate their boat safely at higher speeds with a simple steering movement? It is just like riding a bike, at first when your trying to balance, you look like a spaz. And then you work toward racing supercross. Yep, balance your boat with the steering wheel, 18 ft or 38 Hustler, its all the same.

BajaFresh 08-23-2007 09:23 PM

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MOBILEMERCMAN 08-23-2007 09:27 PM

Tuffboat- I'm with you, learn to drive it. Chine walking is just the drivers inability to balance the boat at speed. Some people just don't get it. Plus some of the boats that get big power have no business going as fast as the are pushed to go.To each its own. Good luck chine walkers.

onesickpantera 08-23-2007 09:50 PM

I had a boat that would chine walk so bad it would scare the hell out of people! Especially on calm water. In fact, Hot Boat said the boat was "dangerous" because of the chine walking. :rolleyes:

It didn't have tabs so I couldn't band aid it. It took me a few hours behind the wheel and a few co-pilots to learn how to countersteer the walking. But once I did it was like riding in a new boat.

However, the boat never chime walked! :D

ACTIVESHACK 08-23-2007 09:53 PM

Can anybody else chime in on this :party-smiley-048:

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