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LutzParty 01-25-2002 07:57 PM

A Milestone about to be reached
As you may know both MissAmy and I started posting on this board shortly after Labor Day Weekend and the LOTO Shootout way back in 01.

At first we both posted under LutzParty and then after getting her feet wet, MissAmy created her own screen name and a star was born.

I Just Noticed that she is about to reach a Mile stone in board posting, so without further delay.........and may we have a drum roll please.............Here she is with her 500th Post MissAmy

Post away honey
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D :D

MissAmy 01-25-2002 08:02 PM

LOL!!! Thank you very much for the introduction LutzParty. :D :D

When you told me I had to come and check out a thread on the board, I thought it was going to be another thread about boobies or something ;)

Thank you for posting my big milestone event. But honey, I think we REALLY need to get a life! ;) :D :D

Okay, well there it 500th post!

hp500efi 01-25-2002 08:12 PM

May I take the privledge to be the first one to "Toast" the 500th post.

Hipp Hipp Horray!

WTG Miss Amy :D


mxz800 01-25-2002 08:18 PM

Congrats on the milestone :D you arent far from catching the leaders :eek: :D :D great to have a woman as cool as you here ;)

traviss 01-25-2002 08:38 PM

congrats MISS AMY :D :D

Luztparty.. your a lucky man :cool:

Smitty 01-25-2002 08:50 PM

Congrats Miss Amy!!! Who would have thought this would happen!!!!

Hauling Trash 01-25-2002 08:55 PM

:D :D :D

Risk Taker 01-25-2002 08:59 PM

OK...let me have one computer in the den, and another in the bedroom.... ;) ;) . Dueling Desktops !! :D :D .

Anywho.....Congrats on the milestone !! All the women in this family are the 'balls'. :D :D ;)

MissAmy 01-25-2002 09:09 PM

Risk Taker,
You're close with the dueling desktops, but I have a computers in the bedroom! ;) :D

We have two computers in the office..the one I'm on right now is supposed to be for the kids! :( ;) :D I just tell them Mom has some important research to do when I want to get on here and surf the OSO board!

Anyway, thanks to all for the congrats! I have had more fun than I ever imagined. I'm thankful for all the really great people we've met and look forward to meeting more.

[ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: MissAmy ]

PhantomChaos 01-25-2002 09:51 PM

Hey Dreamy! Congrats!

Nort (aka Universal Chaos) :D :D :D

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