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"Searay makes a hull that kicks all the other boat's butt"

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"Searay makes a hull that kicks all the other boat's butt"

Not true--I saw another thread on here that said you could drive a Fountain right through the side of a Searay and not even scratch the gel on the Fountain........
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I owened a 1995 stingray 658 that was 21' 6" it was the biggest piece of chit I had owned lots of problems and it rides like crap like the other guy said if you hit a small wake you are air born the z plane hull Idont think rides good at all after that boat I bought a 22 scarab that is a great boat stay away from a stingray my .02
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man..... I thought this was going to be a thread where I got to brag about my Pachanga :lol:

I looked into Stingrays. one of the few BB cuddies still around. heck one of the few cuddies still around period. although I've never ridden in one, I thought it was a cool little boat for the money. for us broke folk on paper its numbers are impressive plus its a cool option to be able to at least have a place to nap out of the sun that doesn't invove army crawing into the bow.
that being said only having a 19 degree deadrise is just a recipe for getting the snot beat out of you. its like any other boat they all have their limitations and tradeoffs.

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didn't Kanookster have a turboed 22 that was stupid fast?
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I had a 230Sx 502mag and it was more like 69-70 on GPS.

As I read the little snippet posted above, I take it the context was along the lines of trolling the pond or lakes where most boats like these roam, not unlike some boats on here. I don't think he was referring to 30+ offshore boats in his reference to hulls. Probably more to SeaRays, or Bayliners etc.

The 230SX is in fact one fun little hot rod to drive. Turns like an F-16 and will flat put you back in your seat when you punch the throttle (w/ a 502). BUT as with all lake recreational designed boats, it will shatter your vertebrae in any kind of real 2-3 footers found on large bodies of water. But then again, that's NOT what it's made for. Just like motorcycles aren't made for hauling families.

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Originally Posted by Airpacker View Post
didn't Kanookster have a turboed 22 that was stupid fast?
He had a 230sx with a 502 w/pro-charger I believe.
Ran close to 90mph.
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I had one size down, a 220 with a 350 Mag. 64 was the most I could muster (GPS). They can turn hard enough to throw a person out without exceeding the limits on the hull. Mine was fun and an easy boat to own, along with the nearly 5mpg at cruise speed! The 19 degree deadrise (230's have 20 degree) definitely reared its ugly head when the water got choppy. Other than that, it was a great boat.
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