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High Performance Boat Rentals

Old 10-03-2007, 12:26 PM
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As a retired Coast Guard Officer/Marine Inspector and a Performance Boat Owner etc, etc There are many reason this is not done, well; not done properly.

The large boats which carry over six passengers must have a certificate of Inspection. Commercial Insurance limits the speed to not more than 40 maybe 50 MPH without paying incredibly large premiums. Then you have to measure the risk upon repitition or $$$ in gross reciepts.

I am not a bizman but would be surprised to see plan which made sense with a uninspected small PAX Vsl.

The large boats such as THRILLER and the others make $$$$$.

Having said all this... Best of luck to you and you are welcome to call or PM me with any questions regarding commercial boat operations.

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I think it's a great idea but I would take a little different approach.....

I would buy up some cheaper/ older "go fast" a 85 Formula 242LS type of boats....The 242LS had twin 350's.....I only suggest it because the boats can be bought for under $7k so you can have a small fleet of them for half you'd spend on a 100k boat.

Buy one or two $100k boats for the super serious people who will drop $10k a day to rent it, but use your Cheap Formula fleet to pay the bills.

Your average novice boater would never know your Formula's are older boats if you dressed them up right. Not to mention twin 350's to a novice boater....I guarantee you the novice is going to think the boat will do 100+mph and rent it.....
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Let's suppose for a minute that getting permits and insurance were a conceivable possibility. How many trips a day, how long are the trips and how much will you charge for them?

You should call Arruda at Turbine Marine. If a guy that deep in the biz didn't make a go of it in a populated tourist magnet location like S. Fla, I'm not sure anyone could do it.
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I know insurance is always an issue but you have to look at all the exotic car rental CO. here in Vegas and wonder about there Ins. You can rent a Lambo, Viper, Porsche and in the wrong hands could do some damage. You can even rent Bullet bikes now and it's hard for some to get Ins. for them selves. I say you can do it. Don't let anyone discourage you from your idea's. Or Bill's!!
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I have seen the OC Rocket many times and it is always full. As someone in OC once told me, "the people pay their money come back soaking wet with a big smile fo their face" Makes me wish I had thought of it.
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Is that one still in operation down in Key West? He was very busy when we were down there.
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I remember the PT boat in KW. I thought it was up for sale last year.

The Niagara jet boat is a riot. I didn't think you could get that wet. The cockpit fills with water up to your waist when the bow stuffs, then dumps out the back. They do a neat S-turn then a hard cut that makes the boat spin out. Cool ride.
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Default Here u go!

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Thanks for the links. Will definately contact them and pump them for info!
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I also know there is one in Cancun Mexico
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