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Nortech 43 V CardShark STOLEN 11/23 at 7pm

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That BITES hard
I always wonder about this happening to my boat, hell there has been times when I have not even seen it for 9 months!
let alone a few weeks.

I have this picture as my background here at work, hope they find the bastages!
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Originally Posted by customtouch View Post
GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! Is this a sample of "Power of the OSO" and the brotherhood of boaters I have heard about???? THE MAN'S BOAT WAS STOLEN!!!! It was posted on here to see if someone might have seen or heard of something to aid in the recovery of it!! We don't need clueless amateur Dick Tracy's trying to do the detectives job!! We need people to keep an eye out for the boat ( or the parts from it ) so we can catch the criminals!!! IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!! Act like it was YOUR boat that got stolen!! For your inquisitive minds 1. There were NO financial problems!! 2. The boat was sitting in a visible place because IT WAS FOR SALE!!!!! It is not normal for me to rant like this, but Dennis is a good friend of mine, and this thread is turning into BULL$HIT!!! Any REAL help would be greatly appreciated!!! Here is a better picture of the boat and motors.

Thank You
I had my 33 Donzi stolen a few yrs back and I can tell you that the owner is the first place the cops and outsiders look, I would imagine it would be worse if the boat was for sale (mine wasnt).......unfourtunatly you'll have to get used to that

after a year and TONS of speculation about it going to Montreal or Russia or I had something to do with it the boat turns up 15mi from where it was stolen,(out of a Marina where I was having some work done on it) stripped BARE (even the wiring) and cut up with a chainsaw into manageable pieces and thrown down a hillside......the prime suspect was an opportunistic local rip off artist who was into cottage B&Es, snowmobile/ PWC rip offs

sucks all around bro I feel his pain......

did the boat have any locks on the wheels or coupler or anything like that?

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Thought I would take some time and put a theft of this magnitude in perspective. Given the value of the boat and in the event of no recovery / total loss the insurance company would have to insure approximately 70 to 80 boats like this in order to recoup what will be paid out. This is exactly what drives insurance rates through the roof. Stay tuned for an unprecedented reward for recovery to be posted not only on OSO but throughout the entire marine marketplace.

Ken Collier
Elton Porter Insurance
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Many years ago a 1967 Corvette 427 was stolen in this area. The owner took out a full-page ad in the local newspapers with photographs. Made the car too hot and it was abandoned in a parking lot unharmed. Owner got it back.
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Many marine policies have exclusions for boats at professional sales locations (dealers, brokers, etc) and at marine repair facilities.

It's unimaginable that a boat of that value would be left outside, even if it was heavily defended with locks, chains, etc.
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Originally Posted by Chris Sunkin View Post
It's unimaginable that a boat of that value would be left outside, even if it was heavily defended with locks, chains, etc.
I said the exact same thing.....My boat isnt worth $40k and I wouldnt go for leaving it outside under any circumstance...period
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Without trying to be an amateur Dick Tracy, un-brotherly, or turning this thread into bullsht, I have something on my mind.

This was brought up a few weeks ago by someone who was a victim of a theft but his theft claim was denied because he "entrusted his boat to someone else."

Could that happen in an event like this? I'm just thinking about my own situation, and curious. Sorry for the side-track, and I'll keep an eye out for it.

Sadly though, as we've seen time and time again, after 3 or 4 days, there's not much left to recover.
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This really stinks, I hope everything works out.

BTW: What I do for any new purchase is take in depth pictures, including all the serial numbers. Once every 6 months or so I put a CD of all the pictures (including pics of my house, jewelry, etc, etc.) into my fireproof safe. Makes it easier if something happens.
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Not likely to see it this far North, but we'll watch when we're on the interstate.

Will GPS transmitters help the insurance rate issue in the future?
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Just because some of us don't know the person or the boat doesn't change the facts as they have presented them.

Evidently some people don't live near places like LOTO where Boat Brokers commonly have high dollar performance boats just sitting on their lots year round. Some of which don't even have a fence or gate to prevent someone from hooking one up and driving away.

This is no different than others that have asked for help in finding a stolen boat on "OSO" and it appears a lot of people watch way too many crime stories on the tube.

I know neither the owner and have only seen the boat in pic's but all they are asking for is a little help if someone comes across information about it or happens to see it.
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