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First Boat- Saying hi

Old 12-16-2007, 01:52 PM
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Default First Boat- Saying hi

Hello all.

I didn't know this forum existed.

I posted in the Formula forum but I dont think that was the right forum to start with.

I have just signed to get a new 310SS Formula which will be my first Boat. I can still change it since it is a factory ordered boat. I am just not sure I made the right decision and dont want to get a new boat next year. I would like to keep it for about 3 years+.

The problem is I have read that the 6.2 motors may not be sufficient for this boat and that I should go with the 496 motors instead. The Dealer talked me out of the 496 motors saying that I will not see much of a difference and that they are too large for the engine compartment.

So that leads me to a 35Ft Formula SS that I was told is better designed for the 496 MOtors.

Has anyone purchased a 35Ft boat as their first? IS it suggested to go smaller? I plan to hire an expereinced captain the first season to spend alot of time with me training on the Boat. I wont take it on my own the first couple of times.

Anyone have any thoughts? Should I be looking at a different boat? I dont need large cabin quarters since it will be stored at my shore house. But I do plan to take family and friends cruising and I like to have the power available as well.

Thanks very much!
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting a new Formula. Formula builds a very good boat, but I'm not qualified to answer your questions. I see you posted in the Formula section, hopefully you will get some needed responses to your very good questions. Good Luck
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hello welcome,
im not sure on the answer to your question but i do know that they put twin 496ho motor's in plenty of smaller boat's 28ft
with a 8 foot beam . i would think that the 6.2 would be way to small for that boat having to work those little motor's to hard .
they mite not want to sell you the 496 motor's cause then they would have to raise the price to much even though the motor package is not that much more then the 6.2 motor's whole sale .
but when they want retail for them watch out ..
i think the whole sale price on the 496 ho motor's are around 17k per package that include the better drive and gimble ring .
hopefully other's will chime in with better knowledge the i .
good luck
by the way i could get you hooked up on a new 35 baja outlaw for with 496ho motor's for close to the same price as the 31 formula it will run low 70's
good luck
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Old 12-16-2007, 03:20 PM
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Hi cmcjo and welcome to OSO. A bunch or crazy boat nuts like I am. Many members with some great knowledge and info.
THere are a bunch of info in reference to new or used boat new to some one. Read them as much as you can. I have a few posts, thread on the subject as well, but first, you got to decide boat usage, budget, size, speed and location of use. Then you can make better deceisions. Also.. bgger is better.. period, It might be a larger insvestment to start but you will get a better (and faster) resale. Don't get hang up on the dealers sales pitch. They want to sell "something".. anything. Formulas are great boats, and the 496's will prvide a pretty good and reliable all around performance. I would not rely to long on a "captain" for your boat. Good idea for the first few times out, but you have to learn the ropes, and the joy of boating yourself. THink about getting a smaller one, may be used.. for a while and step up like many of us do. "Stepping up" is a great adventure in the boating community.

My .02 Good luck

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If you only plan to keep it 3 years, you are going to loose your a$$ when you go to resell/trade it. I would have bought used, especially for your first boat. The biggest depreciation is in the first 3 years. You can get a lot more boat for less $$ buying used. Kind of a moot point to ask for advice after the fact. I would definately get the 496's. They have a lot more torque and you will need it with a big heavy boat.

A 31SS is a huge boat for a first boat IMO. It also does not sound like you have much if any experience boating. It also depends a lot on where you are boating.
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Hi cmcjo and welcome to OSO, If your any where WARM,SUNNY, & no friggin sno i may want to apply for that capts position
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cmcjo, welcome aboard, and be prepared for the OSO fix you will soon desire!!

Is this really your first boat?

Give us more info on where you boat and what you would expect to do any given weekend. That will help us to give you advice.

Mine would be, if this is your first, to start out with a smaller boat.
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Old 12-16-2007, 04:29 PM
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Hands down go with either the 496Mag or the Mag HO's over the 6.2's unless you're having to watch your spending. That's a heavy boat and it needs the extra torque and ponies. Otherwise you'll end up disatisfied quick.
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Originally Posted by Reckless32 View Post

Hands down go with either the 496Mag or the Mag HO's over the 6.2's unless you're having to watch your spending. That's a heavy boat and it needs the extra torque and ponies. Otherwise you'll end up disatisfied quick.

Agreed, I can't see 6.2s moving that boat well at all. You'll get killed on resale too. 496HOs
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Welcom. First rule of buying a boat is that you can never have too much engine. Go with the 496 HO package.
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