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Best way to lift boat off trailer

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Originally Posted by mikebrls View Post
don't cheap out now just spend some money and get it done rite
trailer the boat to t.n.t. and have them pull it off the trailer and load it in the water for ya .
it's that easy
This has nothing to do with money. If i'm going to use the boat in Miami, TNT is the answer. There are times I need to switch trailers to go out of town and bringing both trailers to TNT is too much work. besides, they are not crazy about doing it. It is time consuming and the trailers take up a lot of space. I need to be able to switch trailers using my guys at my facility. I hate being at the mercy of someone else. As soon as you have to depend on someone else to do this, you have to work around their schedules. Weekends are too busy for marinas. Almost everytime I go on a run out of town it's a huge hassle getting the boat of the tilt trailer into the water and a bigger hassle getting it loaded back on the trailer on Sunday to go home. Example.Sarasota- had to go 15 miles out of the way for a crane to launch the boat. Then all the way back there to get it loaded but they don't work Sundays so had to have the driver wait there until Monday.
Destin and Jacksonville- same thing. Way out of the way. Then pay out the butt to have the crane guys come to work on Sundays just to get reloaded. It's eaiser to switch trailers befoe these runs and just launch the boat ourselves rather then wasting hours and hours once we get to the poker runs.

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then i would say some of those A frame hoist. when your finished with them you can turn them sideway's for easy storage .
good luck
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Can the tilt trailer lift some straight up so you could put stands under the boat then lower it onto the stands and drive out/in with the other trailer?
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What would the cost of a galvanized tilt be?

To me sell both and replace with one that is usable in all situations.
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I have used yardarms for years and like someone else said, if you keep the tires aired up and in good shape they are easy to move around. We even had 2 sets of them at the marina I used to work for that they converted to fully hydraulic with the lines from each yard arm ran to one machine powered by your average car battery. Just set the yardarms in place, hook up the hoses and run all 4-6 of them from one control box. This made it much easier for 1 person to do it so you can raise both sides at once and not get the boat rocking. just alot safer if doing it alone.
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I like the idea of using Yard-Arms as well; as long as everyone knows what they are doing!

Even with proper lifting eyes, and overhead lift equipment, the thought of using chains just spooks me as one slip during setup, and you've got trip to the paint shop or worse. Web-straps that are made and designed for the boat (imperative) are also a great setup, but they do have to be meticulously inspected for routine use, and they still have metal hooks over the boat, and will require your guys walking on the deck/boat to get everything done.

I'd suggest going with the Yard Arms, but make make sure you over engineer the setup. You should not have any issues getting the trailer(s) in & out from under the boat since the trailer wheels are so far under the boat. The only think I could imagine being an issue is that the trailer bunk heights would be so different between the two trailers (figuring the tilt trailer sits the boat higher when flat than the straight aluminum trailer), that once you have the boat lifted off of the tilt trailer, you won't be able to lower the Yard-Arms enough to get it down onto the aluminum trailer with the same set of arms on the Yard-Arms.

I'd have someone with experience with boat moving/logistics aide your shop foreman the first 2 times on making this transfer. It will be worth your while. Have him come over and show your shop foreman EXACTLY where to set the Yard-Arms and how to lift the boat level (which is crucial). I'd make notes on paper with specific locations landmarked by the boat's graphics on where to place the Yard-Arms for a safe and repeatable process.

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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
There are times I need to switch trailers to go out of town and bringing both trailers to TNT is too much work. besides, they are not crazy about doing it. It is time consuming and the trailers take up a lot of space. I need to be able to switch trailers using my guys at my facility. I hate being at the mercy of someone else..
I understand Your problem. I always get screwed when relying on others..... My Brother is into shipping containers, so I'll talk with his partner and see if he has any idea's. Their mutual friends toy is a Russian tank and other military hardware, that at times needs to be lifted........They helped him with his problem.... Barring that have a friend here that runs the owner of Bethleham Construction orchards.

they might have a idea

Brothers friends tank that needs to be lifted for track changes, etcetera.....
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Lift the front of the boat with your hoist and the rear with a forklift. Thats the way I do my Baja at the shop. Not a lot of things you can't lift with a good hoist or forklift.

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Results and utility can be determined by engineering and investment. Consider having the tilt trailer's framework sealed and pressureized. After each dunking wash the trailer's external components with Salt-A-Way. Problem solved.

You would think a trailer of that class and price should be sealed and pressurized from the factory.
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A-frames with Chain blocks are the way to go.
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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