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Dean Ferry 02-18-2002 12:07 PM

STM Club is coming to Indian River Co.
I really feel for the people who live on these canals!!!

SMC Indian River County Recommendations

Watercraft-related manatee mortality has significantly increased in Indian River County during the past 6 years. Since record keeping began in 1974, there have been 25 watercraft-related manatee deaths. FIFTEEN of the 25 deaths (60 percent) have occurred since 1995 alone.

There are two primary areas where Save the Manatee Club is recommending that the manatee protection recommendations need to be strengthened.

1. Jungle Narrows area– This narrow 3-mile stretch of water the contains ICW resulting in high levels of boat traffic. Jungle narrow is also an important manatee travel corridor with patches of seagrass manatees use for feeding. The Jungle Narrows is presently regulated 30 mph in the channel slow speed out side Nov 1 – April 30 and unregulated the remainder of the year. However, satellite telemetry and aerial survey data indicate virtually the same level of manatee use throughout the year. There have been 6 watercraft-related mortalities in the Jungle Narrows area since 1996, FIVE of which (83 percent) were documented during the time of year when the Jungle Narrows is unregulated. Based on the scientific data indicating manatee use and the history of watercraft-related mortality on the Jungle Narrows area Save the Manatee Club recommends the following:

a. Jungle Narrows - Slow Speed channel included all year.

b. Around “Hole in the Wall Island” - Slow Speed year round (making existing seasonal zone year-round).

2. Vero Beach Power Plant – The Vero Beach Power Plant discharges heated water into the residential canals adjacent to the plant. Manatees use the site as a warm water refuge during winter months. 58 manatees have been documented using the plant at one time. The area is presently regulated at Idle Speed, but this does not provide manatees protection from disturbance and harassment from boating and fishing while trying to stay warm . There has been one watercraft-related manatee mortality recovered from the residential canals adjacent to the plant, and two more recovered within 1 mile of the plant. Save the Manatee Club recommends the following:

a. No Entry, Nov. 15 to Mar. 31, Idle Speed Remainder of Year – western most finger canal and in the entrance canal from the terminal end to the middle finger canal.

See right here, their OWN data shows how BAD the Power Plants are for the Manatee, BUT they want to continue a BAD idea!!

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