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What are your must have tools/spare parts/etc that you keep on the boat just in case?

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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
I need to have another whole complete identical boat to cover what I could possibly need!
Some of us can't quite afford that....the only other "motorboating" I'm doing involves the wife!!!!!
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Full cooler every time you leave
Radio with spare battery
Cell phone
Vessel Assist card

Then your set.

Plus i keep
impeller and housing
2 quarts engine oil
1 quart drive oil

In a soft sided bag i keep
socket set
open wrenches
channel locks
electric tape
wd 40 (small can)
large knife
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I would add to the above posts
side cutters and zip ties in asst sizes
2 sizes screw drivers in philips and straight
sae and metric set of allen wrenches
waterproof flashlight
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don't forget the 5200!!!!!!!!
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tow rope
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An assortment of hose clamps in ALL sizes.
Hi-Temp RTV silicone (You can use hose clamps, silicone, and a beer can to repair a broken water hose; I've seen it done).
WaterWeld (JB product that works underwater.)

There is a new tape at Home Depot/Lowes that is stronger than duct tape. Its called "Gorilla Tape" and is from the makers of Gorilla Glue. Its STRONG stuff.

I carry a 4" wide roll of shrink wrap tape.
I also have a little bag of about 5 replacement freeze plugs and O-rings.

I carry a new set of accessory/serpentine belts and several new impellers. Also, make sure the tool kit that you carry has the right tools to do the jobs that we do when we are "dry docked." For example, the little tool sets don't often have deep sockets and all of the socket extensions that one may need to get to certain places.

Years ago, I bought two small duffel bags from WalMart or the like. One is red, and is full of flares, portable radio, whistle, and other "emergency" stuff. The other is blue and is full of much of what I described above. Its pretty easy to grab either bag in the case of emergency, and I can instruct someone else easily as well.

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tweezers, a large paper clip, bubble gum, 1 ft of twine and a length of duct tape.
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1. 3/8" Socket Set (6 point-deep)
2. 1/4" socket set
3. a few 1/2" sockets and driver
4. Misc. screw drivers (small, med, large)
5. open end wrenches
6. dikes, needle nose, vice grips, channel locks
7. duct tape, electrical tape
8. electrical kit (jumper wire, test light, butt connectors, ring ends, fuses, terminal ends, wire strippers etc. etc)
9. 2 spare caps/rotors
10. 2 spare water pumps
11. misc. rags
12. spare MSD box and coil
13. 5-10 qts of engine oil
14. 2 qts of drive oil
15. CRC, WD-40
16. spare pieces of 1/2", 3/4, 1" hose.....
17. misc screws, washers, nuts, bolts
18. misc. hose clamps...
19. spare belts
20. feeler guages
21. allen key set (large/small)
22. zip ties, assorted sizes..
23. marine tex
24. silicone
25. 1 qt. ATF

There's probably a ton of other stuff...and I'd probably gain like 5 mph if I took it all out but when you run the ocean you can't wing it!

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Originally Posted by offshoredrillin View Post
tweezers, a large paper clip, bubble gum, 1 ft of twine and a length of duct tape.
The McGuyver list....nice

Tape, prop wrench and sockets, plyers, adjustable wrench, two sizes of both screwdrivers, extra oil and lube, shop rags, beer, water, Xm, girls, and cellphone.

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I try to hide a 12 pack on the boat somewhere. It can be a long ride home when the cooler is empty.
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