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To Everyone.......

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Default To Everyone.......

I must say the last 12 hours have been rather interesting. I could hardly sleep last night due to last night's events. Perhaps an over-reaction on my part, but it is my nature to worry. (ask Lutz, it drives him crazy). However, I feel that the comments that MicroBabe made regarding my picture was an attack on my character. A few of you have suggested that her remarks were nothing more than typical "girl-like cattiness". Mayber you're right, maybe you're not....I don't really know. But I do know that until it happens to you, it is hard to take it instride that easily.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, a different board member had an idea that the pic may have been messed with. But he simply addressed his concern in a polite manner. I answered with an explanation.......I THOUGHT, anyway!

For those that don't know, I will try to explain as briefly as I can, one more time. When my husband first uploaded that photo (and this was 2 summers ago), he noticed the guy over my shoulder was mooning someone. He tried to smudge him out, decided it looked worse and changed it back. Then he noticed something, apparently a rope or towel, appeared to be poking out of my backside, so he tried smudging it out. He did not revert this change back. That is how it remained, he never told me about it, and eventually he forgot all about it. When the MUGSHOT thread first started I told Kevin I wanted to post my BudGirl picture, because that has always been one of my favorite pictures. (well, it's not anymore). Anyway, he was NOT trying to take INCHES off my waistline. I wish sooooooooooooooo badly that I had the original, but I don't. That is why I posted the others. bla, bla, bla.

I would also like to say that they're are many, many, many, gorgeous women on the OSO board and I have the utmost respect for them. RIVERGIRL, BCC, BOATGIRL, NAUTIGIRL, CONSINTRACY, OUTLAWYBABYB, AVENGERANGEL, JENNIFER, JBG....just to name a few. Infact, a few months back I suggested a "women's only OSO gathering", because I would love the opportunity to meet some of these lovely ladies. Let me take this opportunity to say that the Women of OSO are in a class of their own! CHEERS to you all!

Now, finally to MicroBabe~~I understand you have an get attention and more hits on your porn website. Let me tell do not need to slander someone's integrity to do that. You are very attractive, have a killer body and I think you look amazing. I wish you the best with your career, but please if you choose to stay an active memeber of this board, try to use better judgement in the future. When I saw you listed as the newest member to OSO yesterday, I was one of the first to welcome you aboard. BOY......I had NO IDEA what a thank you I'd get in return!

But, oh well! It's time to move on, shall we all? BUT, before we do..........I just have to thank everyone for the kind words and support. I'm actually rather embarrassed about all the ruckus and attention this has created.

It's amazing to me how close I have gotten to the people on this board. Some I've never met, some I have, and some of you are just the best people and I couldn't ask for better friends.

And then there's my husband, LutzParty. Yes, he got an earfull from me last night (just a small one), but it was nothing he did on purpose and he feels terrible about the whole mess. It was an honest, innocent mistake.

Sorry for the rambling, I just had to get this off my chest. No need to respond to this thread, I just wanted everyone to know how I felt.

WELL, I'm off to the gym now to try and "shave off" a few extra inches!

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Well said........A definate Class act (along with being HOT )
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Amy~ I see your "On Board"~ Wanna' chat?
I'm going to the chat area now.
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Group hug..... Just me and all the girls
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Now thats class!!
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well said Miss Amy, your husband is a lucky man, smart,classyand good looking!

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As everyone else has already said, seems you have the upper hand with respect and class!!!
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nice for you to rise above it all and show "her" what class is all about! (and you can't retouch that)
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Well said Miss Amy.
The hell with the porn queen.
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Geez - Edited or not, it still looked good....

Class acts always pay off in the end.
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