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New sound system for my Top Gun. Advice ?

Old 05-12-2008, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Havasu Cig View Post
I just did a system in my pontoon boat and bought everything (except cables and speaker wire) from, and saved a lot of money.

I have an Alpine PDX 1000 pushing two Alpine Type-R subs and an Alpine PDX 4.150 going to six Polk-Momo 6.5 components. I used an Alpine deck with integrated Ipod controls as well. The system is loud an clean and the amps run very cool. They are also stackable which makes them easy to mount in tight places. I have three group 24 deep cycle batteries and a ProMariner 30 amp 3 bank charger. I can run the system all day and it does not kill the batteries. I just plug it in at the dock at night.

I did the install myself and it was easy. Time consuming, but still easy. If you buy Monster components you can by amp install kits that give you everything you need. Cost of 4 guage Monster is high along with series 300 or 400 speaker wire, but you get what you pay for.

I think the prices above are a little high IMO.
What's the correct way to hook up six speakers to a 4-channel amp?
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Originally Posted by Keytime View Post
What's the correct way to hook up six speakers to a 4-channel amp?
Using a pre-amp lever fader maybe?
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4 speakers to 2 of the channels, and the last 2 speakers on the last 2 channels. Only do that if the speakers that will be tied together will be matched. I've got a 4-channel amp on the cockpit and bow speakers in my boat. 4 speakers are on 2 cockpit speakers, and the other 2 channels are on the 2 bow speakers.
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Bootdaddy - who is Mistress? That is very aggressive pricing on the JL equip...would like to order a pair of speakers myself at that rate!
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compare prices to . most stereos shops will cut you a deal on a system on a nice boat cause its advertisement for them, they should cut the labor and the items down for you, if not keep shopping and get a better deal
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Originally Posted by Ca$hed Out View Post
Bootdaddy - who is Mistress? That is very aggressive pricing on the JL equip...would like to order a pair of speakers myself at that rate!
Boat is Cigarette Mistress. I told them to sharpen pencils on hardware and they said they added 10%, which seems fair to me. The install is a high-end guess and they were confident it would be less...
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I just installed a similar system to Havasu Cig in our bowrider. Sounds awesome!! But definatley shop ebay and various online retailers. We used onlinecarstereo and sonicelectronix. Got the PDX's way cheaper and even got better than advertised freight by calling. I used 6 polk momo mmc650's, pdx1000, pdx 4.100 2 kicker cvrs subs for right at a grand. The 2 bow speakers are running off the head unit. Had a buddy help install. Saved me a ton of cash. Most places wanted around 4k to do a similiar setup.
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MB Quart sounded increedible in our 28's and we used the Solobaricks for subs. You have all top notch stuff selected though. Supporting the local guy is great, just ask him for a slight price reduction and tell him you foud it for less elsewhere. He would be inclined to take your business for less than to loose it.
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Just an FYI. Alpine does make the PDX amps in some of the watt ratings in a marine version. I saw them on the Alpine website about a month ago, but have never seen them anywhere else.

Actually, I just looked on ebay and there are a few, but they are about $150 more per amp than the automotive version.

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Before making beer, I worked for Cicuit City then the late great Tweeter/HiFi Buys for many many years. I have to say you have picked some great equipment. As others have stated Alpine PDX amps are great for a boating application....very small, run extemly cool and can be mounted in many configurations. Good thing about the Pioneer head units is they rarely skip, plus sounds like your gonna use an Ipod. I have several buddies that used Pioneer CD Players is full SPL competition vehicles and they took a pounding and never missed a beat. The only thing I would say is you should definatly get a better discount o the product, car audio, especially speakers has huge markup, typically in the neighborhood of 60 % for high end products. And the install price is for sure way high for a "basic" intall. For that money you should be talking custom paint work, real sub enclosures (not free air) and accent lighting.

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