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Any Old Timers still around here?

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Still here and feelin' old after last weekend at SML
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Wow. Glad to hear from you buncha heathens. I’m impressed that the family is still as “intact” as it is.

H2X – don’t steer clear of the negative posts, some of them can be the most fun!
Mike35Fountain – hope all is well. Aren’t you a drummer, am I remembering that right?
TheJoker – I’ll be interested to look back and catch up on your boat projects.
Hauling Trash – amen to that.
Cash Bar – There’s plenty of good people around, they just try to avoid OSO for some reason..
Griff – Who needs hair? Just think of it this way – if you had to choose from a world with no shaving (or waxing or tweezing or Nair-ing) or a world with no hair, which would you choose? Besides, receding hairline just means your boat must be hella fast.
Cuda Joe – as soon as I make a dollar, I’ll send it to you for maintaining my fan club.
t500hps – I remember the kid with the Rolex fake and Troutly’s fall from grace. The rest I anxiously await information on.

f311fr1/Joe – I’m at peace with what went down. I didn’t want the D and wanted it to work, but I learned that I’m not in control. This was a good lesson, and was very liberating as well. Before I learned that, I thought that failure and success in the game of life was a direct result of my good or bad efforts. I also thought that those around me also became my personal responsibility. It was killing me to be constantly thinking that my every decision played a major role in the welfare of many people. Having the rug pulled out from under me was sobering, painful, and scary. It’s been 3 years, and I’ve been given a chance I never thought I would “need”. I’ve been given the chance to re learn WHO I AM. I’d become, over time, somebody I wasn’t supposed to be. Mixing somebody else’s goals and focus with my own had created an unstable mix that required me to systematically begin shutting off different elements of my core personality. At the end, in an attempt to find a comfortable dynamic with my wife, I had essentially shut off most of my personality elements and had become a stripped down version of “me”. Out on my own, I’ve had time to reflect and seek guidance from the One who designed me in the first place. He showed me it was okay to turn back on all of the elements of me that I had shut down over the years. If I hadn’t been set out alone like that, I’d never have had that chance. I’m both glad and fortunate that I had the chance, and I’m lucky that I recognized the opportunity and didn’t squander it. I still have no clue what “next year’ will “look like” but I’m ready for the adventure. Thanks for the encouragement.

Warparty36 – I HAVE seen the booty. Typing about it brings the image to mind right now. Wow. What a massive whale tail. I’ll be looking you up in Hammertime. I’ll be in Jax’s orange swirly 5 seater. I expect he will carry over the old name to this boat as well (Who’s Your Daddy).
gmhdfan – Those maps sure do come in handy. They make umbrellas, napkins, fans, AND STACK HEELS. Heh, I DO have that intake *somewhere* in my storage trailer. Same place it was last time. When it sees light, I’ll take pics and holler.
stecz20 - Weren’t you in Florida back then?
tomtbone – what ever happened to the short dude with the sheep?
Norty – did you stop losing hair or is it all forehead now?
Dean – thank goodness.
Quiet Storm – just let somebody older FEEL YOU and maybe they’ll say you feel young.
offshoredrillin – if it only took luck, it wouldn’t be such a burden. Thanks for the well wishing though.
C Spray – no, but they ARE the “old 2002-2005 days”. I figured the REAL old day guys had long since fallen into tar pits or were compressed under many layers of igneous rock.
RacerX6 – have you seen the new Speed Racer movie? Wondering if the reviews are accurate.
Indy – no need to wonder anymo.
Sy – please tell me you don’t insure stecz.
MrCig – and a good boat to still have it is.
Airpacker – thanks, man. I don’t know that ANYTHING is BETTER than it was – I just THOUGHT things were bad THEN due to the changes. BUT I’ve got a different clarity now and I’m not letting the changes confuse me into thinking that LOSS is BAD. I’m reasonably healthy, I have great kids, a dog, and a girl who wants to be my partner through whatever is ahead. The rest is icing. Hardship builds character, and I’m not scared of it.
vagrant – see tar pit comment above. I figured it I targeted the “real” old guys that they would be too busy watching female shuffleboard on ESPN 8 (the Ocho) to read my post.
Dolla – thanks for the welcome. Keep on polishin the missle.
Frequency – been 3 years. The only sweat I generate now is for today’s efforts.
insptech – It’s all good. If I hit it big on the dollar meter again, I’m giving most of it away to those in need (neediness applications available for OSOers who feel they qualify).
Bazook – thanks. I don’t remember that cool logo (for NJPC). You guys got any deals on Tshirts?
RAddiction – you got any deals on one of those hotdog boats? I got a 30hp Johnson, and a 2.4 Merc shorty with hot heads and a port job. Reckon either of those will work on one?

Guys, thanks for the welcome. I look fwd to getting back in the loop.
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still here on "as the propeller turns" ....I used to be Twin29

same old boat, with new power, bought a Winston Cup car that Im making into a street car.

keep diggin''ll turn around

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I check in at least 5 days a week; since 2001.
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Originally Posted by Sydwayz View Post
...since 2001.
See? Very few of us fell into the tar pits. We've just learned to sit back and not debate the same old issue(s) over and over (and over and over...) again. We're just a bit more.......selective.....about posting these days.

Except RAddiction, who is after the record, so he'll post about anything, any time!
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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November 2000 so I guess I qualify as "Old Timer". I certainly feel that way some mornings anyway!!

Good to see you drop in MC. Just keep pluggin away - things are gonna get better.
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Old 05-20-2008, 12:55 PM
Are we having fun, yet?
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MC - Welcome back....... Been through the Big D a couple of times. Life goes on and better for the most part. It sounds like you have taken a new and improved look at life itself. Keep it up!!
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Member #68 checking in!
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Welcome back Mike,To me the site is sometimes like therapy gets your mind off things.Hey best of luck.

The Only Time You Have To Much Ammo Is When Your Swimming Or On Fire.
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Were doomed!
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im still here....

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy horsepower. And I've never seen a sad person hauling a$$!
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