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Vonbongo 02-23-2002 09:30 PM

Nice looking new boat!
Congratulations, sorry about the tires tho

spitfire1 02-23-2002 10:25 PM

beautiful boat......
That is a beautiful should post a few more pics so we can see the rest of her..........:cool:

H2Xmark 02-23-2002 10:42 PM

that is a nice ride, looks great, enjoy:cool:

RumRunner 02-24-2002 09:25 AM

She's beautiful, congratulations !!!

Red Stripe 02-24-2002 10:03 AM

That is one sweet ride!!

Jassman 02-24-2002 10:19 AM

Cool graphics , I like the colors, have a fun summer, I know I will, cant wait:D

Waterfoul 02-24-2002 10:30 AM

Dude, I've got a set of wheels and tires I can sell you real cheap!! I got them off Audiofn's trailer!!! LOL!!!

Nice boat, I'm sure you'll have a ball with it!!!

bajabob38 02-24-2002 10:35 AM

Boat looks great, hope you have many trouble free hrs with it. Enjoy!

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