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Lubejobs is gone! NO MORE LIARS!

Old 05-26-2008, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
Well, after about 9 months Lubejobs was finally sold. It left on Wed up to it's new home in NJ. It broke my heart watching it roll down the street. I hear the new owner is a very nice guy and i'm sure will take good care of it. I hope he has as much fun and enjoys it as much as I did.

there was stuff I had been wanting to post over the past few months but held back waiting for the boat to sell. I can't believe how many, Liars, dreamers, con men, thieves, etc are out there! I have dealt with 3 guys that were nothing more then what i listed above (Liars, dreamers etc). Guys that went into contracts with me that don't have the means to buy a bicycle let alone the boat. One guy jerked me for 5 months. Every excuse in the world! Started out as a "cash buyer", then decided to finance (doesn't pay to tie up that mush cash, even though it's chump change according to him) but unfortunately some how the credit report companies made a mistake and showed him with a score under 500!, So then he was going to have it financed in his buddies name, than they had credit issues to deal with, then the down payment was a problem and wanted to borrow it from me. So he wanted to buy the boat with someone elses credit and borrow the down payment from me. Sound fishy at all?

Then there was the guy that wasted a month but really had no intention of buying the boat. Just wasted time! Requested paperwork and documentation, then more paperwork, then had to talk to the engine builder, then talk to Randy Scism. Then decided he found a 1999 American Offshore which he heard was a better boat then the MTI.

Why people like to waste other peoples time is beyond me. I can sleep easier tonight knowing it's gone and it's in good hands.
It's not just you Gino....TRUST ME!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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non refundable deposit with a time limit. That way at least your paid to listen to the b.s.
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Originally Posted by jeff1000man View Post
Congrats. I am one of those dreamers, but at least I know better than to think I can buy THAT boat.

What boat is next?

Let me clarify something. All of us admire beautiful stuff. There are things out there we admire but are out of our reach due to being out of our price range or other reasons that would make it impossible for us to obtain. What I meant by dreamer is someone that does not have the means to buy the boat but they convince themselves and everyone else that they can. Then when it comes down to following through have every excuse in the world.
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Originally Posted by mccaffertee View Post
So, whats next???
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Congrats... that boat was just AWSOME ! I'm glad I got a ride in it while you had it.
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Congrats Gino. I know exactly what you mean.

I dream about some of the boats I see to but I know my limits , and I am frustrated with some of the people I been dealing with getting the Avanti ready and sellng the other older boats. I want to be a two boat owner. 33 Avanti and 12' alum row boat Honesty and integrity is in the past. (with a few exceptions)
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I hear ya!
I had a buyer call me numerous times about my previous boat. His wife was even calling. Finally decided to buy it and was going to arrange shipping the next day, then call me with the details. After a few days of no calls. I contacted him. He changed his mind and didn't even have the balls to enform me of his decision.

Congrates on the sale.
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Congratulations Gino.
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Congrats on the sale. I've been jerked around on a sale before as well. Some people are just idiots and don't give a crap about wasting somebody elses time and money.
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