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CigDaze 02-25-2002 11:27 AM

HEY...How come I only get 15 threads per page??
Is it just my machine glitching or has the format changed to only 15 threads per page???

skatermike24 02-25-2002 11:29 AM

Me too.............:rolleyes:

WRedmann 02-25-2002 11:34 AM

yep, I just spent 5 minutes looking for the place to change the setting :mad:

Kohldog 02-25-2002 11:34 AM

Same here. My guess is the gods changed it to improve the load time of the page.

Clay Washington 02-25-2002 11:48 AM

I believe you only get 15 threads, because there are only a few ads (on the left). As OSO gets more ads, you may see more threads per page.

It's all about the money, baby! :D

CigDaze 02-25-2002 11:51 AM

Okay, good...I thought I messed something up here.
I did the same thing, Busterscott...trying to find the setting. :D

02-25-2002 02:55 PM

people were complaining that their pages were loading slow. this was due to pictures and avitars. there will be no more advertising spots. you can change this parameter in your BB Profile options.

CigDaze 02-25-2002 03:01 PM

Thanks OSO,
Prompt as always!:cool:

CigDaze 02-25-2002 03:08 PM

Oh Wait...
I found what you're talking about and that fixed the number of posts per page within each thread page, but how about the list of threads on the main pages. ???

ex: "displaying 1-15 threads of xxx threads" on the main page

WRedmann 03-01-2002 11:22 AM

we are up to 20 treads/page
a nice step in the right direction, thanks,

Do I hear 25??? 25

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