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Yellow fiberglass stains

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Everytime you use muriatic acid it is etching the hull, that is why it stains worse each time. the hull must be polished to get the glaze back and close the pours. This is a lot of work but is the only way to reduce the staining.
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I use a wax called Great White I put it on the bottom and out drives before I go out, but I don't wipe it off. When I wash it at home then I take the wax off. Sometimes I will wax it again the next day and just leave it on for my next outing. I haven't used leaverage wax yet but everybody say's it's good.
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GREAT THREAD. I see a lot of product but where are you guys getting them from? Local grocery, auto, marine store, online? where from, let's post that too!
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Originally Posted by fabin61 View Post
GREAT THREAD. I see a lot of product but where are you guys getting them from? Local grocery, auto, marine store, online? where from, let's post that too!
FSR and on/off can be bought at just about any marine store. I'd still highly recommend FSR over on/off. It is night and day easier to use FSR.
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Here in the Chesapeake Bay, we all have the same problem. No wax is going to stop it (despite what people will tell you). Yes the glass get pourous over time (you won't see new boats with the same problem). All the cleaners are basically acid based and will remove the stain which in turn opens up the fiberglass pours. Take a spray can of clear, spray a small spot anywhere on your hull. Let stay in water for a while and notice no yellow where clear was sprayed. I know boats that have been cleared on the hull and thus no staining (you have to know what you are doing to correctly clear a hull or it will peal -people will say you can't paint or clear a hull - BS it can be done!).

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I agree, clearing a hull can be done and will be fine as long as the boat does not sit in the water for more than a day or two.
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Is it mild or not?? That's the question. By U had BAD yellowing that would come back the next day. If it's just a waterline then use a chemical, FSR is good. If it's a permanent stain then try buffing like By U. If buffing won't do the job then try some light wetsanding. IF It's stained then you have to go Deeper. He stays on top of it with my Polish now and his hull is doing great!

The best advice is in the beginning. Put the Polish on when the boat is new!!! I try to visit with every manufacture, but it's hard to get through. I'm not claiming to have the perfect, solve all your problems Polish, but my numbers are great and my Marine Clean work speaks for itself. The Polish makes it allot easier to maintain.

Thanks Guys!

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Originally Posted by Chris288 View Post
Wet sanding is just BAD advice.
Well for me it was the only way to keep the staining from coming back.. Donnie recommended that I do some light wet sanding and follow up with Leverage. I tried all the tricks that are on the board except for the ringo. They were temporary fixes. Since I did the wet sanding I don't get the yellowing that i use to after a day in the water. Now keep in mind this was just happening on my transom and the sanding only took me a day.If it was my entire hull I would just say phuck it and keep using the muriatic acid. Just my experience take it the way you want.
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FSR by Davis is the BEST PRODUCT for removing yellow stains on the bottom of the boat. I bought an industrial size and I do it every few times after running. It takes off the iron deposits that attach themselves to the gel and make that yellow staining.

Easiest stuff in the world to use. Wipe it on with the use of a rag and spray it off. It f*cking incredible watching the yellow vanish seconds after you wipe the product on.

Buy this stuff and use it. You will absolutlely not be disappointed!

Here's the link to the product. You can also buy it from West Marine and Boaters world.
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