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You just got to love this. Sea Tow.. Repo?

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I think this is a bit of "tongue in cheek" everyone.

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I've stayed out of the Sea Tow threads until now. I used to own a franchise. Joe III is a stand up guy and we were never trained or told to snatch anybody's boat or never told to rip anybody off. I treated all my customers fairly and never claimed salvage rights on anybody's boat. All franchise's are operated by indepedant business owners and yes some of them had bad reputations. I sold the business because it was too much work and I hated charging people when they were down on there luck. Sea Tow International pushed the $119.00 membership big time. The theory was to have 1-2 thousand members and you'd never tow many. It was sold and pushed as an insurance policy. Many of those maritime laws were written years ago and certain individuals seem to stretch the limits of their existence.
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Well.. This thread went somewhere I never intended it to...
Joker.. I agree with you there are bad apples in any business.
I did not mean this one to be insulting.. more just a comment and observation... with some humor in it..
Obviously the humor and fun of my "questions" got lost. So be it.. So will this thread in a few days... In my oppinion.. Sea Tow.. due to their recent negative publicity should do everythnig in their power to re-establish thier company "logo" as a boat towing/aid company. Flunting their trucks is not the way. (and for the record the guy was parking there for a while in a lot near a "boating environment")
I won't even bother making a comment in reference to maccaffertee's post,, but just to say he proved my point on some other thread regarding "uneducated" voters and liberal ideals.
"Gun control" will not make any thugs or criminals get less acess to fire arms. I.. and most people will glad to wait 3-5 or 7 days to obtain fire arms. So be it.. However.. any one could go to a garage sale or a gun show and buy a fire arm from a private person in 5 minutes. Point !!!>>> gun control and related coments are just a polotical ploy for election with the uneducated and "wishfull" thinkers in mind..
You want gun control?? Keep the criminals in jail longer then 2 weeks becouse some left wing liberal think he/she is rehabed, or feel sorry becouse hi/she "underprevileged"

I will delete this in a day or so.. Did not mean to get everyone go nuts and get personnally attacked. AND.. mcaffertee !!! >>>>" I do not care what happened, how it happened or where it happened, " <<

You should care,, this is your problem.. passive.. not caring individual.. May be that's why no one helped you when you wanted help. You don't care about curent events and life?? I guess no one cares about you either.
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i got the humor..and i didn't even follow all the stuff. Guess it is the begin of the week...calm down guys...the water will be there again this weekend
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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! a round of [email protected]@se & red bulls and make em doubles and its only Monday
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I see you used this smiley in your original post:

Are you insinuating that red smileys are mean, and like to beat up on happy green smileys? What kind of person are you?

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Paradox,, Don't even think about deleating or giving up ,, you are correct !! when your right , your rite ,, stay with it man

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Originally Posted by PARADOX View Post
I'm gonna start taking my dogs with me in my truck. I would give anything seeing this dude get close to my car with my German Shepherds in it. the 38 is already under the seat..
Attachment 353283
What people don't know is that his dogs have their carry permits and have been trained extensively on shooting and non-shooting situations. While I am sure that Paradox would have preferred to get his dogs set up with semi-autos, the dogs are old-school and insist that semis jam too much. Hence the .38
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I also saw the dogs driving last don't worry, i'm sure they know how to use the A/C! Is it still monday?!?! I had a great weekend!
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Originally Posted by Frequency View Post

I see you used this smiley in your original post:

Are you insinuating that red smileys are mean, and like to beat up on happy green smileys? What kind of person are you?

Red smileys do seem pretty bitter most of the time.... Lucky me, I'm one of the green ones!
"Don't be hatin'!"
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