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National Champion ...legit?

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Originally Posted by Ratickle View Post
If you are the only one who shows, so be it. Still built, maintained, raced, and won, not your problem. The only thing I don't like, is you should have to finish at least one lap under your own power, not pushed across the start, etc.

I also think the rules for classes should be implemented at least two seasons ahead of time and frozen unless an engine/drive manufacturer goes out of business and you can't meet the class rules. That way you would eliminate the boats being built first and the class following. How many years did NASCAR work on the new car?

The last thing, even though there are several organizations, can't they implement the same class equipment rules so the boats could cross run organization races? Then the world's would mean something again.
The rules of past were stedfast, there used to be homologation of motors boats etc. the rules didn`t change much. Open class was 1000 cu in. naturally aspirated and max length 40`. Of course there were plenty of tech pages to keep everyone straight. Technical inspections in Europe could take hours, when complete you got a certificate that had to be carried on board etc. Every race was a complete inspection. I used to carry a rule book with me always at races.
Tom Gentry was an absolute advocate for the UIM rule, and thought that should be supreme as it was, and everyone adapted to it. Then under those rules everyone in the world raced, the british ran there shead and Cougar boats, the Italians ran there CUV`s, and the americans ran the Cigarette`s. Most everyone ran same Merc or Aeromarine power packages, and various teams won, Sometimes the Italians, with home port advantage, same with British etc. With the different deigners and manufacturers building under same basic guidlines it gave way to true world champions and true competition, as in champion of the world.
We used to have organizers who were dictators, there was one way there way, and drivers crew etc. had no power and no say over that, they ran the race by the interpretation of the rule book, either UIM, APBA or both.
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Are there currently any UIM world championship races in the states? The APBA raced in Pittsburg years back at the sea food festival. We attended with neighbors, it was around the 9th of September and was always on our calender. A few years back they changed it to a "boats of thunder" ( I think thats what they called it) event and not knowing what that was, we stopped going.
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Originally Posted by TGC-32 View Post
I raced for nearly twenty years and won more than few races, but NEVER won a world or national title. Now THAT is difficult in today's racing environment!


I believe it violates rule 118 b:: wit:

"Every racer who pays travel and hotel bills, purchases fuel from the designated supplier, displays proper "brand" decals, laughs at inane jokes while lubricated with alcohol at the official parties, and makes an earnest attempt at fitting into a class which is indistinguishable to the viewer or "fan" from most others, shall be deemed to be a World Champion after completion of at least one launching at a sanctioned, or unsanctioned race site, or general proximity thereof, at or near a scheduled race date.....

Note (A): All previous rules which required the actual racing of a boat and victory over one or more other boats are hereby rescinded and determined to be null and void as of the date hereof.

Note (B): All references to the terms "race", "racing", "overtaking", "crossing the finish line in front of", and "competition" are hereby removed.

Note (C): All references to the finishing positions "2nd place" and lower, are hereby stricken and replaced with "First place in another class which is yet to be determined or defined."

Note (D): The following language shall be inserted under the rule heading "Bracket Racing"-"No one shall exceed a pre set GPS speed as secretly set in an officially authorized device of unknown origin and control". "No competitor shall have access to records from any such devices, and any racer attempting to pass another shall be deemed to have "Broken out" and must be penalized according to his or her success in that endeavor."


Based on the above, your lack of Championships is not difficult, it is, in fact, an impossible feat....and I applaud you.

T2x.......... World wide World Champion 8/10/08...Babylon Harbor 28 Skater class (bald division)

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I miss F1 and F 2, I could understand, it was fun, and affordable, F1 and F 2 the good old days
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Thanks! So, by my calculations, never having won a world or national championship when it it so obviously difficult to NOT win one, should make me the "interstellar galactic" champion! What an accomplishment!

I have to go get the T-shirts printed. My wife is going to be so proud of me!

Total Marine
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Originally Posted by T2x View Post

In that case I am no longer merely the Babylon Harbor World Champion 8/10/08..28 Skater class.

I am now officially the Worldwide World Champion 8/10/08 ...28 Skater Class...since, through no fault of mine, no Europeans or Asians showed up yesterday while I was out "racing".....

I did average over 108..........

Man! I'm impressive!


Ahhh Rich you are a legend in your own mind
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I remember all of the complaining when they made Superboat class for basically 1 team. If my memory serves, the respect still went to the open class because they were recognized by UIM. When open boats won the worlds, they were "world" champion because a ton of international competition showed up. We even had international competition in the lower classes.

But then again, we actually raced offshore.

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Originally Posted by boatme View Post
NOW NOW NOW If it were a boat ride why was he running on a race course?

But Dawn you have to agree, running around the course for the entire race and then doing a fly by along the wall with a hands in the air showing victory all the while they were the only ones running in their class is just a hollow victory
So ... we shouldnt have ran? what about the fans and sponsors that are there to see him run? is it his fault nobody else showed up? You didnt hear us braggin about the "win" ... well ... maybe Dave () .. but you know the saying ... the show must go on. The fly by was for the crowd ..... the kids... Eds friends and neighbors. People love that stuff.

The coolest thing Ive seen in the last few years was Wazzup doing figure 8's after a win ... couldnt tell you who they raced or how many boats they raced that day but I do remember them doing donuts.
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As I indicated i felt bad for ED

I remember when we were putting on races over on this side that Bob Teague was disappointed when he arrived that he had no one in his class to race. He asked us to call a number of boats that were supposed to come and did not. He even offered to pay there gas and entry fee if they would hustle here to the races
So i do understand your comments

I was standing next to a predominant boat builder at the St Clair race and he was confused if the green boat won or the small cat can do had won. Well it turns out Wazzup had won (Boat doing figure 8s)

Originally Posted by Racegirl3 View Post
couldnt tell you who they raced or how many boats they raced that day but I do remember them doing donuts.

But this comment says it all. Even you didnt know who or what was going on and you were in the boat with the race producer

I by no means am picking on Ed he is a great guy with a ton of passion for this sport My comments were ment to show how fragmented the sport is and without any continuity for the general public to understand

At one of the races we put on the race had started and was 4 laps into it when all of a sudden two big cats that hadn't made the start came ripping out onto the course to start racing I remember the boy friend of Coast Gaurd person in charge watching this while we stood in race control he turned to me and said "wow i guess this isnt a car race"
referring to the fact that at a car race they dont just show up in the middle of the race and start running

my point is to reinforce that this sport still has a ways to go to make it more racer friendly and spectator friendly

Personally I love it no matter what, but i follow it closer than the average Joe

Thank goodness for the Ed Smiths, Smittys , Haggins, Abrams and all the others dedicated to keep on trying God bless them and i hope they dont get to frustrated to fast

Dawn dont loose the enthusiasum lord knows we need it
You are a great cheer leader for the sport
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I think Dawn is more than a "cheerleader". She has raced as well as ridden in one of the fastest boats racing. She has also swam out of a boat upside down. She is every bit a racer, fan and spokesperson for offshore.
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