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Accident at the the NY/Battle on the Bay/Geico Triple Crown race.

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From all of us at Boatshowdirect we offer the families our deepest condolences. RIP
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Our condolences to the family

this brings back so many memories when Randy Lienbach went over and passed away
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Default Deepest regrets

Many years ago Phil purchased one of our early Shadow Cats (Luv-it) and ran it successfully as Aero Express. He was always a gentleman and will be missed.

May he and his team mate rest in God's heaven, and may their families find some peace and comfort in this deeply sad time.

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Tragic and very sad. I didn't even know the guy's and I've been thinking about this all day.
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So said.
Dennis & Liz
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At least they went out doing something they loved.
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God Bless their souls. Over the years I have seen this to many times. I have experienced a close call 3 times. I have been out of the sport about 8 years. I have not attended a race as it rips my heart out to not do it.

I decided to get over it and take my boat to the race and finally be a spectator. I anchored at the turn where the tragedy occurred. I saw the boat coming and when it lifted up I grabbed the camera. My guess was it was doing 100+ when it rolled, just my guess. I have the footage from the first splash forward although it is not great being a camera.

Things then became slow motion as it unfolded. I was hoping the canopy would do it's intended purpose. I knew that seconds count and I didn't see anyone come up from the boat.

I continued to watch and my first instinct was to run over and dive in. Knowing racing I knew it would add to the confusion and I could do little. I was hoping I was missing something even though fairly close. I was hoping to see someone pulled aboard, people sending a good signal or a tunnel hatch opening.

Two Coast Guard boats arrived first to the scene. I was hoping there was a hatch in the tunnel but still do not know if there was. I was praying they had oxygen in the boat and it was at work.

Race control said they didn't know on the status of the occupants and this was a while after the accident. My feelings were starting to sink. I thought by now they would have known more. I guess they did but were not going to say. I continued to watch the event and pray. Activity seemed slow so I was praying for the best. The race was stopped and it was another bad sign to me.

When race control was ask by a spectator on the VHF if the crew was alright they responded by "No everyone is not all right". My heart sunk deeper with those words. I left the race and prayed for the best possible out come. I looked here last night and saw nothing I didn't know where to get fast info except the net. I was still hoping it was not a bad accident. I may have missed the post or looked in the wrong section. I didn't look at the news last night if it was on there.

I received a phone call this morning from a friend on the tragedy and it was beyond my belief two were lost in the accident. I did not know either men but once you race you feel kinship to all that love the sport you do. Having seen it before over they years and with people I knew this time was no easier even if I never met them personally. My heart goes out to family, friends and racers who did know them. God Bless their souls. Sorry for the long rant it just hit me hard. That is multiplied millions of times more for the family and freinds I am sure.
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May God comfort their families and watch over their souls. Phil was a good guy. This sucks.

Tom Caruso
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God speed
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