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Help for boat owner who have boats that dont run, need resto, or are out this season

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Well, I am in this mess also.

Picked up the 42' excalibur and now have to rebuild the motors and re-wire, rebuild cabin and so on,so on,so on.
Getting tired of pumping money into her and not going to see water this year and still finding things that need replacing.............

Should have bought a new boat.

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Sommerfliesby, There aren't enough pages on the internet,to get into the saga of the boat that was supposed to be done two and a half years ago.
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Originally Posted by Audiofn View Post
Ya I have been working on this for the last few years!!!
what the hell happened, what was something off again a screw ha hah so you decided to start from scratch again
, the house looks nice now, you have done a great job on it jon, when people walk in ten years from now you can point out at a straight wall or beam and say yup I did that and art watched or held the caukline ha hah oops.can't wait to do some custom tile next year.
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Originally Posted by scarrab30 View Post
Sommerfliesby, There aren't enough pages on the internet,to get into the saga of the boat that was supposed to be done two and a half years ago.
Cliff Notes Version:
Spend the better half of 2 years redoing our 78 Scarab 300, New int, paint and transom . Only to run it one season and realize it needed stringers and bulkheads. Tore down to asses and plan, found a local glass genius that would do the job.
All new Stringers, race bulkheads from dash forward. new deck cockpit, hatch, and reconfigured bottom. and new Interior again. Builder is making a mold but is short on cash so we wait. we were supposed to have it back on multiple deadlines but all failed. Is now in his shop done waiting on the bottom mold to be splashed.

I bought a very Clean 90 , 38' Fever without power to put our motors in till we got the hull back. Needless to say since we were promised the hull for June we put the Fountain on the back burner.
So we feel your pain and have 2 really nice row boats and a killer set of power sitting on the stand in the garage.

It makes things harder when your just a working stiff and don't have a ton of expendable cash to finish both at once.
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On a lighter note my 1972 factory Super stock AMC Gremlin has been sitting the better part of 21 years and no motor for the past 7 due to my ADD for things with motors.
My 1972 custom H-D Shovelhead is done, my 2003 Road King that I have customized, and my Ez-Go Chassied buggy golf cart , and a couple other little things are all done though
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Originally Posted by Apache Brave View Post
it is good to see that thier are more people in my situation then I thought, this has made me feel better already, and I am ready to start working on the boat again, Thanks guys.
I know what your feeling all too well, might have been a little ambitious with my little paint, new interior, new surface drives and was hoping to boat this season....

it started last November with the motors, drives and then interior removed and then off to the painters for the next seven months...finally picked it up about seven weeks ago and it's been sitting in the shop waiting to be rigged...week by week little progress has been accomplished, watched memorial day go by, then the 4th, the shootout and now labor day...

i'm still hoping to get the motors in and new drives on in the next couple of weeks and will be checking to see what the progress is since last weekend....and then it can finally have the new interior installed....might be ready when the oss races come to town but i'm not holding my breath on that one...
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Originally Posted by Audiofn View Post
Ya I have been working on this for the last few years!!!
Don't forget to encapsulate that "stringer system" in fiberglass and seal all the holes well, or a few years from now you'll be tearing into it and replacing the rotten wood.

At least you have a nice faring on the other money pit
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I think I have ya'll beat.
The scary thing is, the boat was in GREAT shape when I bought it in '04. I just wanted to update "some stuff" and make it "my" boat. Well, I didn't know when to stop. Now I know exactly what I got and the boat looks like it was in a time warp - cause it looks like it rolled out of the 188th Street factory last week.

Winter ‘04
New chrome fire extinguishers
Replace throttle cables w/ supreme 33C
Replace Trim Tab cables w/ supreme 33C
Paint rear rails and rail supports around hatch
Paint front rail
Refinish rail spacers
Paint bolster bases w/ red to yellow fade
Paint grab handles w/ red to yellow fade and "Cig" logo Paint dashes done by Mitcher-T
Gauges redone f/ Platinum to chrome super bezels
Replace Garmin 185 w/ 192C
Replace purple bezels w/ new ones
Replace circuit breaker covers w/ new
Replace switch boots w/ new
Re-caulk diamond plate
Remove lousy Alpine amp and install old school Soundstreams
Replace cabin door gasket
Fix stbd side panel - was loose
PowderCoat rear seat degree brackets
PowderCoat rear vent on engine hatch
Powercoat screens on engine hatch
Paint underside of wind deflectors w/ graphic
Paint trim tabs - added slight graphic
Detail outdrives
Paint all paint chips
Re- Clear hull sides
Buff FG in cockpit
Install hatch gasket
clean up stereo wiring
re-do trim indicators - added springs & index
Replace Spark Plugs
Replace cap & Rotor
Replace horn
Fix FG for head hinges
Replace float switch covers
Refinish large fuel valves access hatch
Bezels on cup holders
Bezels on small hatch’’s in motor box
Install Documentation #’’s
Install Head
Replace bent hatch keeper
Put protective paint film on bolsters base
Check Drives for alinement
Repaint throttle/shifter bases - Mitcher-T
Clean forward bilge's
Clean carpets
Have red trim installed on cabin seat cushions
Replace blower hoses in bilge
Replace cockpit carpet
New cockpit cover
New Mooring cover - both done by Sunrise Uph
Add filter for air intakes
Re-do embroidery "Top Gun" logo on bolsters Re-Do embroidery "Cigarette" logo above door.
Add threaded brass inserts in dash and glue in.
Re-Place speakers
Re-Place cockpit lights
New CMI Headers
New Starter port motor
New ring gear on stbd flywheel
New Odyssey Batteries
New Drive shower PU & hose
New kill switch plates
New Chrome bezel f/ Depth
New sea water pumps - complete - w/ Globe 2000 impellers
New Fuel pumps
New XR drive upper 6-1-05
Changed drive oil & flushed reservoirs both sides 6-1-05
New PCV valves 6-11-05
2 new oil reservoirs (center ones) 6-11-05

Winter 05
Motors rebuilt by Joey Griffin 630HP
Blowers re-built and up-dated by Blower Shop
Clean & wax bilge w/ motors out
New Powdercoated washers f/ engine mount
New Powdercoated washers f/ hatch lift
New Exhaust tips w/ silicone gasket
Rear seat re-upholstered
Cockpit Side panels re-upholstered
New cockpit step plates made
RH Dash re painted by Mitcher T (& re lettered)
New LED gauge lights
Some new toggle boots
New blower hose side of bilge
Re-paint Transom
Re-Paint Swim platform
New Kicker Subwoofer
New JL Cockpit speakers
New Stereo remote
Custom Bezel for Sony remote
Repaint lowers
Replace Leaking trim pump reservoir
Install iPod adapter

May 2006
New IAC - both motors
New injectors - stbd mtr rear throttle body
Kill switch bezels
Cig lighter bezel
Labbed 32p Props - too much RPM
Labbed 34 props - too hard to plane, too much prop

June 2006
New gimbal rings
New U- Joint bellows
New Shifter bellows
New Gimbal housing stbd side
New shifter (engine to outdrive) cables
Oil & Filter Change 22 hrs P / 23 hrs S - Mobile 1 15 - 50 & Merc Racing oil filter

July 2006
Out Drive Oil Change - amsoil 75-90 severe duty

August 2006
Replaced SoundStream MC140 w/ MC300 - running cockpit speakers
Replaced Kicker 10" w/ ADS A10S.2 sub
Put new Pioneer 5 1/4" cabin speakers
Added Soundstream SVX2 2w crossover
Added power distribution blocks
Added Stiffening capacitor
Cleaned up wiring
Sent props out to Bblades - flat pitch props & remove some cup.
Replaced front hatch lift cylinders
Replaced water / Fuel separators

September 2006
Oil & Filter Change 46 hrs P / 47 hrs S - Amsoil 20-50 & Merc Racing oil filter
Replaced Throttle Body fuel filters
Buffed out any scratches on hull sides.

Winter 2006
Oil & Filter Change 53 hrs P / 54 hrs S - Amsoil 20-50 & Merc Racing oil filter
Replaced deck hatch latches
Replaced water puppy strainer
Replaced closet latch
Replaced small cubby latches
Replaced all cabinet hinges
Replaced remaining swivel latches for cockpit cover
New bezels for passenger side gauges
New lens / rim on pass side gauges - again

New map cover latch and plastic spacer
Powdercoat: Front NACA ducts, battery boxes, rear side sunpad rails, diamond plate 90 degree angle, rear flap on hatch, steering ram (new) back up plates
Repair FG - where rear hatch had rubbed, chips under shifter, stress crack on right side, stress crack under hatch, small chip @ stbd bow, passenger carpet snap, chips in cockpit floor
Re align pass side bezels
Painted engine room blue hatches, re-cleared passenger dash and batt box covers.
Installed new MSD Coils - re-painted coil bracket
Install new TFXtreme strainer cables, mounting hardware. Repainted some hardware Merc blue.
Installed new chrome cockpit lights

January 2007
New steering ram BU plates - powdercoated blue
Re-painted hatch lift arm
Painted engine room light
Installed new Eikert fuel pumps

March 2007
Installed New Corsa exhaust Tips
Installed new silicone exhaust hoses
TurboSonic Drive reservoir cap
Stainless Steel Accon 207M Side Nav lights
Install woofer grille
Vacuum behind helm
Replace and red loctight front rail screws
Install new cabin door screw bracket
Remove grease from door track
Install missing hose clamp on trim pump wires
Install plastic washers on hatch lift
Installed Blue washers on lift arm
Cleaned and remounted red/white step plates
Swapped Soundstream SA644 for MC300
install JL co- ax
Clean bilge under bed and in front of curtain
Check drive indicators and trim tab indicators for correct neutral position
Caulk footrests
Clean cabin
polish A/C panel
Polish sea strainer glass
Install new swivel latches for cockpit cover
Change oil in all reservoirs
Install Drive spacer
Swap drives L/R

April 2007
New Cap & Rotor
New Zincs
Out Drive Oil Change - amsoil 75-90 severe duty
New wear pads
Clean carpet in closet
Clean Hatch in closet
Re glue welting in cabin
Paint / grind outdrive lowers
Buff white on front deck
Check thermostat cover
Install continuity kit
Install new drain plug gaskets
Re-adjust stereo levels
Grease Gimbal
Leverage (wax) entire boat inside & out
New TAYLOR spark plug wires number 76202
Install Mech fuel pressure gauge
Grease Coupler
Clean & scrub cockpit floor
Replace / create motor box filters
Detail motors - use detail ball w/ speedy metal polish
Install Re-Upholstered sun pad
Install new trim ram bushings
Install new K-plane ram bushings
Install new o-rings on air cleaner
Painted Ledge

May 2007
Took to Joey Griffins to check out oil leak. No oil leak, but Port bellows leaking and was replaced.

June 2007
Removed 1" drive spacer - lost 4 to 5 mph with it
Changed outdrive oil - 6/25 Amsoil 75-110 severe duty
Oil & Filter Change 68 hrs P / 68 hrs S - Mobil 1 V-Twin 20-50 & Merc Racing oil filter
Replaced port fuel pres gauge. Still reads same - sender?
Marine Tex’ed a new insert on pass dash. Extreme lower right.

July 2007
Replace both sea water pumps w/ rebuilt pumps and Globe 2001 impellers. Amsoil 75-110
Replaced all screws on transom rubrail and sealed
Swim platform re-powder coated and re installed w/ new screws and 5200 quick dry

August 2007
Rebuilt newer outdrive - pinion nut came off

November 2007
Oil & Filter Change 86.0 hrs P / 86.4 hrs S - Mobil 1 V-Twin 20-50 & Merc Racing oil filter
Cover f/ Winter

December 2007

February - March 2008
Removed swim platform and have PC fixed
Fix paint on deck
Clear Coated f/ rubrail-up
Fix leak on gimbal housing
Repaint / refinished bilge - Awlgrip Snow White # G8044
New Bilge pumps
New float switch & covers
All new bilge & Trident silicone blower hoses
New Mercathode
Re-painted Motor mounts, hatch lift, battery box support - all white items
New stringer washers
All new cushioned clamps and screws
Replaced Atwood Blowers
New stringer washers
New Transom shower housing / lid
3m Sure Step non-skid on swim platform
New port gimbal housing
Repainted 38 Top Gun logo
Re-dynoed motors - 667 HP w/ smaller pulley
Purple Bezels for Nav lights

April 2008
Oil changed in blowers
Fixed spider cracks in hatch
New hatch rest blocks installed

May 2008
Fix oil leaks - Port- O ring f/ remote oil filter & Stb- distributor
Water Presure - clear out line to gauge

August 2008
Port motor - Replace stock heads w/ Edelbrock aluminum heads. Gain lots more HP (stb motor to be done in winter) Stock heads rusted out the water jacket. Block 100% fine.
Change motor oil
Change Drive oil
Replace 2 leaking trim reservoirs

'00 Scarab Sport 302 CC
'02 Cigarette Top Gun TS
'02 PQ 340
'00 PQ 280
'98 Scarab 22
'97 Baja Outlaw 20
'72 Checkmate
'65 Glastron

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Holy cow Bill. You're right. These other projects got nothing on you! You could've easily bought a new cig with the money you've spent. But it is now "your" boat. So do you ever use the thing?
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Originally Posted by sommerfliesby View Post
My boat runs, but the motors are coming out next month. Freshening them up, painting the bilge, new dashboard, etc...hopefully it will fair better than:

My 1973 Corvette...needs a new front bumper, which I have purchased a year ago and is still in the box...
My Yamaha 700SRX snowmobile...needed a new suspension part, which I have purchased and is still in the box (and the sled in pieces)...
My 1990 Kawasaki 550SX Jet Ski...needs a new motor and has been in a state of major disrepair for a couple years now...
My 1992 Kawasaki 750SX Jet Ski...needs a major motor rebuild...sitting (still in one piece) next to the sled...

Ahhh....too many freakin' toys!!!!!!!!!! (I love it, tho!!!)
Your problem is, you don't own enough boats.

If you bring cars into it, that is more depressing.

I feel for those that don't use their boats. We went a summer without using our boat when we had kids, and that was tough to do. Our new boat has been in and out of the shop for things, but usable on weekends.

I need to finish putting a radiator in my 78 Lincoln so we can do our fall color tour car cruise and my Iroc needs an alternator. (runs great, just not for long..LOL!) 8 cars and 2 boats, 12 motors to keep running, not counting the tractors and yard tool motors. It's really a disease. I need therapy. "sell it all, you can still drink alcohol standing or kneeling in a kiddie pool, you don't need a lake"
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