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Sarasota poker run "Cat Killer" Fountain, got spanked

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What I DON'T understand, is all the guys with V's (like Cobalts) getting their panties all in a bunch? You don't really have a dog in this "fight?" Why all the hating? Go for a boat ride or something and RELAX.[/QUOTE]

As mentioned above, while i've got a cobalt now, i'm working on getting my 5th skater as we speak. I've also owned 2 fountains in the past, and while they're nice enough for a v bottom there's no way they compare to a cat power for power. I'm just happy gino opened up a can of whoop a$$ on reggie or for sure we would have another cat killer fairy tale out there!
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Originally Posted by 2ND2NONE View Post
Absolutely!!!!!!! JOHNNY O & JIMMY MC
Congrats to Johnny O & Jimmy Mc, I got the call Sat. afternoon that they ran really well. Good to Johnny back in the game.
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Way to go Gino!!!!! You are the man!!! Thank you.Cat Killer is Dead We all know that if this wasn't true R.Fs promo guys would have had the video running all over the net a long time ago, that in itself is proof that you have done it.
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Gino, Who was the third boat to the card stop?


And didn't they pass Gold Digger, Bud Light, and Justice is coming in the harbor until they broke a rocker?

Jonny O knows the truth. And yes he was the FIRST to the card stop!
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Gino, congrats, your Mercedes boat is probably my favorite boat, cat or v running right now. I saw it at Destin last year. Beautiful. 9 pages of Fountain bashing. I didn't realize how much people dislike Fountains and Reggie. At least Reggie can generate 9 pages of anything. OSO has been kind of boring lately. Don't see much of that interest with the other brands. I just think it is great that he would even try to make the V versus Cat a race or poker run. Look at the publicity in our boating world. The guys got ballz. Remember, bad publicity is better than no publicity.I don't see any of the others (insert your favorite brand here) even trying. Cats are inherently faster, kind of like comparing a Vette to a Ferrari. Both go fast, but one is a little more exotic and costly. Keeps his name and Fountain in the spotlight. Most of us would like a cat, but can't afford the higher price of the boat or the insurance, so I guess if the 2nd place finisher is what we can afford then thats what we buy. I give Reggie and the Cash Killer/Cat Killer all the credit in the world to keep a fun, interesting rivalry alive.
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I don't Gino was bashing Fountains, Its just Reggie. correct me if i"m wrong.
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Reggie Fountain!

Love em or not, he is brilliant an many things, including marketing.

Undisputed world P1 champs, back to back years, and here we are again, the most active thread on the board, and Fountain is at the center.

The boats (the cats and Vs) looked great, ran great, and no one got hurt! That’s a great day of hi-perf boating.

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Originally Posted by fountainracing65 View Post
PARADOX your funny. first i dont really care that you and reggie had a bad buisness deal. i am smart enough to know there are to sides to all deals. I am sure if asked reggie would say different. I have been screwed in deals before too. guess what? It was my own fault and learned how to handle things different and to cover myself more. Move on. And you really can say with a straight face other manufactures dont bash each other...holy crap are you out of touch!!!! just as i sit here and watch tv Toyota and ford are running adds bashing eachother.

I am sure he would say different too, apparently along with being an ass, he has no integrity so what he say's would be irrelevant. Apparently you too feel its ok to screw someone that trusts you.By the way a competetive comparison on similar products like car manufactures do is common practice in the industry. However they don't "bash" as it would more likely reflect very negative on that manufacture like it did here for Fountain. Reputation is everything in business and I believe there are enough companies that practice intregity who want your business that you don't need to deal with one that does not. However I respect your opinion and I did learn a lesson, I wouldn't do business with Fountain. If he screwed someone he knows, how do people he doesn't stand a chance? Please, I am dying to know, are you pale white with a jet black fro and dress real tacky and have used terms like "cat killer" for decades? Did you pay your OSO membership yet?

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Originally Posted by gusman View Post
Gino, Who was the third boat to the card stop?


And didn't they pass Gold Digger, Bud Light, and Justice is coming in the harbor until they broke a rocker?

Jonny O knows the truth. And yes he was the FIRST to the card stop!

Let's keep that going for while!
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Summary - 2 years ago Reggie pulls a fast one and enters a PR with a race boat. Releases video with "proof" and claims Fountain V is faster than cats. Conspiracy theorists claim video was doctored, bad angles, it wasn't a race. Fountain fans say "prove it did not happen." What????

Cat owners feel violated - how dare Reggie say such mean things. Revenge plot is hatched to make sure they get him next time he tries his Cat Killer ambush.

2 years later - cat owners claim to their revenge. Every one feels justified piling on Reggie. After all, he is egotistical, arrogant, boastful, successful, etc. Everyone has an opinion and feels justified posting on an internet site (much to the delight of IB who is reeling from months of slow site response - they love to see someone else take a beating for a while).

Side bets are taken on how many pages this thread will end up at. Lot's of drama left waiting for the "mystery video". IB hopes it takes about a month to surface. Cat owners demand to see video now (reward is offered). Reggie says "what video?".

My guess is 40 pages by the end of October.

Have a great day everyone! Talking about boats sure beats work!
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