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Florida Police help thieves steal boat...

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Thumbs up Florida Police help thieves steal boat...

the florida wildlife conservation commission state police officers sit and watch as thieves hotwire and steal Florida keys boat.

take a look at the f.w.c. officers conflicting storys and his lt. dipre's follow up report where thieves even tell her " my boat was stolen from the dock so we reported it with police"

then she goes on to say " no such report filed"

but again left the $250,000 boat in the thieves hands.

it was later illegally sold to a north florida tour boat operator named kevin mc carthy who would be glad to discuss this with anyone.

As boat owners you should be alarmed the police agency which governs our Florida waters sits and watches as boat thieves hotwire and drive off with boats....
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this guy is already banned under a different name in beware stolen section

Thumbs down Simply put, he's a liar.
I'm familiar with this story. Where do I begin?

Robert (boatstolen) did EVERYTHING wrong.

First, he failed to pay his dock fees, leading to a LIEN placed on the boat. He illegally removed the boat from the hotel. Next, he admitted to FDLE that he was trying to hide the boat from the hotel. Every single investigating agency ruled it to be a civil case, not criminal.

And yes, vette, he owed then over $20,000.

The Ocean Key House took the case to Federal Court. The court ruled that the hotel did no wrong and was allowed to keep the boat.

Internal Affairs complaints filed by Robert were unsubstantiated and dismissed by every law enforcement agency involved.

This story is two years in the making now. Not one single attorney will represent Robert. He has done nothing for the past 2 years other than rant about this on the internet.

Over time, this whole story, according to Robert, has been the fault of (deep breath) Ocean Key House, FWC, FDLE, Monroe County Sheriff, State Attorney, USCG, Governor Christ, United Yacht Sales, American Marine, Fury Catamarans, Hydro-Thunder Watersports, Code Enforcement, etc, etc, etc.

One day, all these people got together and decided to conspire against some clown from Columbus, OH.

Google Robert Krutko. The truth becomes quite clear.
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First thing that pops up on Google search.

Reported By
Key West, Florida

Ripoff Report Verified Safe

I am a former employee of a popular snorkel and dive company in Key West, FL. I now manage another popular dive company. A couple years ago, a man named Robert Krutko and his wife, Laura purchased a catamaran dive boat named Sundance (AKA Reef Cat). The vessel was an older model with older engines, and in need of updates and repair. The vessel was moored at Ocean Key House in Key West Harbor. While moored there, the Krutko's paid a monthly dock fee, along with hiring an on-site mechanic to work on the vessel.

Robert and Laura purchased a canal home on Cudjoe Key.

In late 2005, Hurricane Wilma devastated the Florida Keys and caused extensive damage to the Key West Harbor waterfront. The docks at Ocean Key House were heavily damaged.

For several months, the Krutkos failed to pay their dock fee and failed to pay the mechanic for services rendered. Furthermore, they failed to obtain a current registration for the vessel. Essentially, the Krutkos abandoned the vessel at the dock. Ocena Key House obtained a Mechanics LIEN on the vessel.

In early 2006, a friend of the Krutkos took the vessel from the Ocean Key House and transported it to Cudjoe Key. The man failed to notify the hotel that he was taking the vessel. So as you can imagine, it looks as though the vessel was being taken in order to skip out on past due rent and service fees.

Since the vessel did not fit in the canal at the Krutkos' home in Cudjoe Key, it was anchored (very poorly) in Cudjoe Bay. The water in Cudjoe Bay is shallow and not conducive to anchoring due to a hard, flat sea bed. Cudjoe Key residents complained about the vessel due to it's poor mooring and lack of an anchor light at night. The vessel was a navigational hazard. The first mild wind that came along, the vessel started dragging anchor toward the shoreline. FWC (waterborne state law enforcement) responded, along with Sea-Tow. When FWC ran the vessel's HIN, the LIEN from Ocean Key House was found. They notified the hotel to retrieve the vessel, which they did.

A short time thereafter, the Krutkos filed a theft report with the local Sheriff's Office, claiming the hotel stole the vessel. Officers investigating the reported theft learned of the prior mentioned activities and confirmed the vessel was moored at the hotel in Key West. The Officers concluded the matter was not criminal theft, but a civil matter between the two parties.

Unhappy with the Officers' findings, Robert Krutko called the State's Attorney's Office in Key West. Local prosecutors reviewed the matter and also concluded it was a civil problem, not criminal. The same conclusion was also made by FWC.

The Ocean Key House has filed a lawsuit against Krutko in reference to the vessel and monies owed.

Since this incident, Krutko has launched a personal crusade against Monroe County, Key West, and numerous local businesses. On this website (Rip-off Reports) alone, he has filed at least 10 complaints. Do a search of 'Key West' or 'Monroe County' and look for the author being from Columbus, OH. His rants, foul language, and otherwise immature behavior has gotten him banned from several other websites.

Speaking of other websites (and this one too), major details of the story change each time he tells it. For example, the boat's value is different every time.

He is notorious for filing complaints, then returning under a different screen name to answer himself. In fact, he has done that on this website. When other people ask him tough questions, he responds calling the questioner an idiot or d*mb*ss. He will not answer your questions. That alone raises a flag.

He will make claims that he has spoken to 'high ranking' or 'senior' people in different law enforcement agencies, government offices, boat dealers, etc. In his claims, he states the 'high ranking' persons have gone 'on record' to say the matter is a theft. Well, here's what he really does. Krutko will make a phone call and refuse to correctly identify himself. He will ask a question similar to 'If someone takes your boat without your permission, is that considered theft?' Of course, the answer is always 'yes.' But he fails to give the true details of what happened. When the persons start asking him questions, he refuses to answer, or hangs up. I know this because I was one of those persons.

Krutko claims to be suing the Ocean Key House. Not true. It's the other way around.

As of this date, no attorney has agreed to take his case.

Krutko's house in Cudjoe Key is under foreclosure due to the fact he also failed to pay his mortgage there.

Krutko is a liar, a thief, and a fraud. And now that his finances have gone downhill, he is desperate. Avoid this man and his business endeavors at all costs because he will manipulate you and lie to you. He is vindictive. If you cross him, he will find a way to 'get even.' He is not to be trusted in any way.

Key West, Florida
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peeps that don't pay their bills pizz me off as much as the theives who rob. Same thing in my book and looks like fl le as well. If thats true , gladn they put a lein on it.
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