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Originally Posted by LostinBoston View Post
Kevin: You admitted to outsourcing the work, but did you not check it when it came back to the shop to make sure it was OK. Did you contact the company that did the shoddy work to see if they would pay for the damages. Thats just bad quality control. Dave hired Grant to do the work. If it was outsourced, the final product is still the responsibility of Grant.
Dave put a lot of time in it setting it up and puting it back together correctly. Props, spacers, boxes, rev limiters and testing time.
Lets be real here, if we outsourced the work, it was because we wanted to put it in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing. If you can't weld, would you take something to a welder? If you can't powdercoat parts, would you take them to a powdercoater? OBVIOUSLY there were issues and i know Grant offered to take care of those issues on his dime. We handle just about everything we can in house but there are cases where we try to leave some stuff to people with more experience, obviously we would have been better off doing it ourselves in this case if indeed there were actually problems, i don't know because i never got to see the boat or what supposedly went wrong.

How is Grant supposed to know what's wrong when Dave took the boat somewhere else and then expected Grant to pay for it sight unseen? It blows my mind that he even thinks Grant is entitled to pay for another shop to fix the boat. Can your Chevy truck break and then you take it to a Ford dealership shop to have warranty work done? That is where everything went wrong as far as i know.

Originally Posted by skaterdave View Post
kevin, having spending 10's of thousands of dollars with someone i would expect them to atleast get on the phone with me and talk about the problems. your boy did never answered the phone after i told him intially what happened and the only person that did was sherry and gave me a song & dance where grant was and why he didn't wouldn't call me back. what was i supposed to do sit around and wait for him to call if ever??.
Dave, you know damn well that Grant offered to help you by bringing the boat back but you took it somewhere else and expected him to pay for it. I'm sorry but i don't know of ANY SHOP that would do that. Don't try to come on here acting like Grant was ducking you, HE OWNS A SHOP THAT HE IS AT EVERY MORNING AT 7:30am till 4:30pm NOT TO MENTION EVERY SBI RACE (AND OSS THAT YEAR WITH MOJO).

Originally Posted by skaterdave View Post
kevin you got all the answers now, just to bad you didn't just fix what you guys screwed up. better yet now your blaming someone else that you hired to work on my boat which grant said he did??!!??
I fixed stuff that you screwed up on the boat on our dime but yet for some strange reason we didn't want to help fix other problems that i'm not even sure we caused BECAUSE YOU NEVER BROUGHT THE BOAT BACK TO US. Stop weaving around that fact. If Grant was not answering your calls (which i HIGHLY doubt) then you could've shown up at the shop any day of the week and it would've been handled.

Originally Posted by skaterdave View Post
first i'm a lair, now it was someone else that screwed it up that you guys hired cause you didn't know how to rig it ?? second why would anyone after learning that the shop they took their boat to get worked on had other people outside your control and my knowledge work on it and expect i should wait around for more of the same workmanship. i knew you hired someone to setup the raw water pump and pulleys. but like a said, i went over there and talked with grant and he assured me that he had plenty of experience with all the pieces i was putting into my boat.
What are you talking about? You just contradicted yourself in the same paragraph "people outside your control and my knowledge work on it" and then "i knew you hired someone to setup the raw water pump and pulleys." as well as replace the valve covers which didn't work and the flywheel/clutch plates. This was all told to you at that time i'm sure, there was nothing to hide. Grant was prepared to accept full responsibility for whatever happened but once again YOU DIDN'T BRING THE BOAT BACK TO US.

Originally Posted by skaterdave View Post
ps. i will continue to share my tragic story of grant's custom rigging until i die or get paid the 4 k it took to fix things. as far as lawyers go, i've been in business for 19 yrs. it wasn't till i moved to florida that i had to use a lawyer. seems theres alot of people that forgot what means to stand behind your word and live by a handshake.
Tragic story, give me a break Dave. There is a lot to this story that is not being told but i think i've gone too far already even feeding into this BS.

I would love to air out some of the things i've heard about you through the lawyer and others in the industry but i'll play the role of the bigger man and just wish you the best in life.

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**deleted because he was banned**

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kevin, in reading most of your statements there followed by "i'm pretty sure" or " i doubt that happened". the fact is you have know idea what was talked about or the BS stories grant told me cause you weren't there.

as for airing "things about me", go ahead. thats just another way of taking the blame off yourselves. theres nothing to air.

and i'm not the only one, but i'm probably the one that had the most problems.
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