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They won't be happy till the fat lady has a muffler in her mouth!!!

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Default They won't be happy till the fat lady has a muffler in her mouth!!!

Well, guy & gals!
Here is the article from the newest Lake Murray News! As you can
imagine, Kenneth is extremely upset! He didn't agree with any of the
comments they put in the article!
I guess this shows that the LMA does not want to work with us and their
only agenda is to make the LMPC and its members look bad!


LMA reopens boat noise issue


The Lake Murray Association’s Board of Directors has delayed writing a letter
of endorsement on a boat noise ordinance to the clerks of the South Carolina
House and South Carolina Senate, reopening the issue at the organization’s
March meeting after a couple of members of the board suggested that the
language of the letter be further studied and clarified.
Further discussion on the noise ordinance was triggered by an agenda item,
which informed that Ken Wiggins had been given an opportunity by LMA
President Lee Barber to appear before the board and present information on
behalf of owners of boats identified as having “loud mufflers.”
Wiggins did not show up, and Barber said he did not understand why he didn’t
“because I assured him I would allow him to make a presentation before the
Barber told his board that he had engaged in “a long and rather interesting
phone call from a person who identified himself as Ken Wiggins,” and that
Wiggins had told him he was president of the Lake Murray Power Boat
Association (not to be confused with the Lake Murray Power Squadron which
among other things is noted for its annual promotion of boating safety
“I told him (Wiggins) that he was more than welcome to attend our meeting and
I even put him on our agenda for tonight’s meeting,” Barber explained to the
Barber said Wiggins had told him he wanted to talk to the LMA board about its
position adopted at the February meeting with respect to a proposed bill on
boat noise introduced in the South Carolina Senate by Sen. Bob Waldrep, a
Republican member of the State Legislature from Anderson.
“As you can imagine, he is anti-noise bill,” informed Barber.
Barber told his board that he really wished Wiggins “had come to the meeting
because I think it would have been of value for us to have heard his side of
the issue, and I think it would have been of value for him to hear our side.”
The LMA president assured that Wiggins reflected himself as “a gentleman” in
the phone conversation. “Although he disagreed and was in opposition with our
position, he stated he fully understood where we were coming from, but he
felt like his association could work and negotiate and perhaps make some
concessions regarding the noise issue.”
For example, Barber said Wiggins had told him the members of his group would
agree not to rev the high powered engines while operating in and around
docks, and would idle as quietly as possible out of the coves.”
Board member Ms. June McCoy, who informed that she and her husband have a
boat that makes a lot of noise, said Wiggins had talked with her via
telephone. “They’re trying to get control of the noise from the loud boats,”
she said. “If a member is in an area of a marina or a restaurant like the
Lighthouse and makes a lot of noise, the member will be put out of the club.
They’re making an effort to stay out of people’s way and control this. They
don’t want to disturb anyone, but they don’t want anyone telling them what
they can drive on the lake.”
She said Wiggins had told her he was planning to attend the meeting.

Need For Boater
Input Is Stressed

As the conversation continued, board member Rudy Barnes said he was familiar
with the power boat association, and said that a lot of big organizations
such as Boat US supports this organization. “Before we take a final position
we ought to invite these people in when we get our ducks in a row,” said
Barnes. “We want to do what’s right and have the support of most boaters so
we ought to get their input.”
Curtis Hipp reminded the board that “we’ve already finalized our position.
We voted last month to support a noise ordinance and it passed.”
At last month’s meeting, Barber had asked Hipp to write a brief letter
stating LMA’s support of Bill 835, which he said he had written and submitted
to the LMA president. He asked Barber if the letter had been sent.
Barber said it had not, because he did not have the addresses. Later in the
discussion, Barber said part of his reason for not mailing the letter was
that he himself had not had the time to discuss the language of the letter.
Board member and former LMA President Joy Downs questioned the letter again,
as she did several times last month.
“I’m not concerned with groups affecting this bill as much as I am concerned
with it affecting our credibility and where we stand with the people on this
lake,” she emphatically stated. “The Lake Murray Association was originally
formed because of lake levels and I still contend that ought to be our
primary thrust. I’m not opposed to a noise ordinance. My problem is I think
this is a cat fight that we ought not be in. I’m concerned about the
publicity that we might get for the Lake Murray Association.”
Downs acknowledged she was aware that the board has had a vote on this matter
“but to this date I do not understand the vote. We said we were 100 per cent
in favor of the bill, is that correct?”
She was assured that all the Board did in February was say that it is in
favor of the noise ordinance introduced by Sen. Waldrep and said it would
like to go on record that the bill be amended to include Lake Murray.
President Barber read the letter drafted by Hipp to be sent to the clerk of
the Senate and House:
“The Lake Murray Association would like to go on record as a supporter of
noise ordinance control on the lake and waterways of South Carolina, and we
would like to recommend that the bill 835 be amended to encompass and include
Lake Murray.”
In further discussions, it was noted that the bill is in committee and should
it come out of the committee it would have all kinds of amendments.
“Well, I’m not in favor of a noise ordinance when I don’t know what the
language of it says,” Ms. Downs remarked. “I can tell you language is
important, and I for one am not going to say I’m in favor of something
without knowing how it is worded.”
She moved that the board rescind its February vote on noise ordinance.
President Barber reminded in the absence of a quorum a vote could not be
Barnes suggested “we consider the language of the letter at our next meeting
(in April) without rescinding the motion, so we can make sure we’re not
necessarily supporting this particular bill but that we support a noise
ordinance. I think we ought to be delicate about the language but I don’t
want to see us wipe out everything we’ve done so far.”
Newly elected vice president Frank Tyler, who is scheduled to succeed Barber
as president in April, explained that his understanding of last month’s vote
was that “the people voting were voting for us to support some kind of a
noise ordinance. I think we were voting for our intent, our intent being that
there be some sort of noise ordinance on Lake Murray.”
Barber again read the letter, and the secretary was called on to review her
notes on last month’s meeting, after which Barber advanced to the next item
on the agenda.
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Default This is happening in SC

Lake Murray is in Columbia, SC and Lake Hartwell is in Anderson, SC and Georgia.
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why is it that some people feel that you must like what they like and do what they do to be normal or a good person . these people will never be happy.
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All the political Fatcattin over the recreational joys of a minority ,
that being people that enjoy the feredom of unrestricted speed and performance on a given body of water. I have said over the past couple yrs that one of the main reasons i love boating is the " Freedom" which comes from a wide open Lake or Ocean.I've been on Hartwell many times never Murray . What a beautiful place to haul ass....
I think the biggest fear in all of this is that it is just another stepping stone , What's next...speed limits?...color schemes ? I do understand the rights of others ... peace , quiet, but come on We have a Lake hear with a 30 mph speed limit on it.... Know why ? It's the lake which many of the most influential poeple in Orlando live on.....If such a motion was to pass in my favorite stomping ground.. like it isn't alerady.... thanks MANATEE LOVERS... well never mind I'm getting all worked up... I hope yoru fight for your freedom of choice .. is not "silent choice"...

by the way i love manatee..... taste like chicken

pardon any poor grammar i'm just a
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